A student’s name may be registered for the request of admission by paying the Registration Fee of Rs. 1,000.
Admission process will start on the submission of the following documents: -

  1. The Birth Certificate (Photocopy) issues by Municipal authorities (no other documents will be acceptable).
  2. The latest Progress Report of the student of the previous School attended last. (Photocopy to be submitted during Registration. Original copy to be submitted at the time of Admission.)

The registration of a student’s name on the waiting list does not stand guarantee for admission. Admission depends on the following: -

  1. The student must qualify in the Admission procedure to be eligible for admission.
  2. After the student has qualified in the Admission procedure, his/her admission will depend on the number of seats available in the class for which the student is registered.
  3. Limited seats will be reserved for students who are good at sports and other activities with proper recognition.
  4. In case, it is found that the student is not interested in studies and not suitable for a residential Co-ed School, in that condition the particular student will be required to be withdrawn from the School.
  5. The Registration Fee is valid for the year for which the child is registered and is neither refundable nor transferable to another year.
  6. Should the student be found fit for the class to which admission is desired, the parent will be made provisional offer at a vacancy. This offer must be accepted within 15 days and should the offer not be accepted within the period it will stand automatically withdrawn and cancelled.
  7. Admission will be confirmed only after the Admission Fee, Caution Deposit and School Fee have been received by Father LeBlond School.

The School reserves the right to cancel the admission of a student if the Guardian fails to submit the Transfer Certificate of the previous school within the stipulated time. Under these circumstances, the school authority will forfeit the amount deposited towards the Admission Fee and School Annual Fee.

  1. The Registration Fee is non-refundable. The Caution Deposit is refundable on application when the pupil finally leaves the school and T.C is issued. For the withdrawal of the caution deposit, the Parents/Guardians are required to serve a notice indicating the desire that his/her ward would not continue in the next academic session in the School and as such, the notice of withdrawal must be received by the School by registered post on or before 20th December of the current session. Caution deposit will be refunded on the clearance certificate of the Accounts section and T.C issued.
  2. When the School is upgraded till Class XII (ISC) the students who intend to continue after ICSE will have to apply for re-admission.

Parents seeking admission of their children are requested to fill in the Medical Report at the time of joining. In the interest of their children they should, fill in the form accurately. Children who are not physically fit cannot benefit themselves in this Institution. Parents are strongly advised to arrange for another type of School for such children for their requirement and needs.