How to engage students in school activities after holidays

During the holidays, students visit different places, play games, live a life without routine and do everything that they cannot do during routine school life. Therefore, when they are back from holidays it is difficult for them to get back to the school activities. These are some of the tips for you to follow to […]

School after Break: A Survival Guide for the Parents

Parents don’t be stressed! We are at your rescue!! We know children are about to go to school and you are already tensed. How to get the children back to routine? How to wake them up early? How to teach them new things? Don’t worry! You are about to know the “How!” Go on get […]

New Teacher – 10 Tools for the First Week of Rapport Building

 When we were kids, we used to look up to our teachers for anything and everything. The way they spelled-“A for Apple”, the way they said, “Good morning Students!” and how they walked, talked, sat and smiled. The Teachers: Teachers are ideal for every student. However, we humans depend on the clicks of life. Sometimes […]