How and why it is advantageous to study in ICSE board

How and why it is advantageous to study in ICSE board

ICSE Board

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination (ICSE) board is a private, non-governmental organisation which conducts examination in India for class 10. It has been designed to provide examination in the course of general education, through the English medium. It is one of the most reputed boards in India and is considered as the best as it helps a child in making his/her base strong in English.

ICSE schools in Siliguri

As we are developing day by day, many schools in Siliguri are also improving their study patterns. There are many ICSE schools in Siliguri which provides your child with the best education. Due to the rules and regulations of the schools are recruiting highly qualified teachers to improve their organisation. They trained the teachers to provide the best education to the students which help the schools to make their administration more advanced and better.

Objectives of ICSE Board

There are many objectives for choosing ICSE Board. The key objectives of the Council is to promote education which includes the promotion of science, literature and fine arts and provide useful knowledge by conducting school examination through English medium. It is a non-profitable organization which only focuses on providing education to the country.

Advantages of ICSE Board

Now we know that ICSE Board gives more strength on English as well as to the other subjects very well. But if you are thinking that as there are so many subjects then how will your child cope up with this situation. Need not worry as there are several advantages provided by this board to make their studies much easier:

  1. The ICSE Board follows the idea of strengthening the basics.
  2. The board will help the students to remember the basics learned in the previous classes.
  3. When a subject is started, the previous topic is repeated before going to the next topics in the book.
  4. The questions are based on the basics of the subject.
  5. The repetition of the basics gives confidence to the students for higher studies.
  6. In the examination there is a balance between objective and descriptive questions.
  7. They give much importance to the projects.
  8. This board focuses on every possible way to improve the performance of their students.
  9. It improves the students’ personality and thinking ability.
  10. ICSE Board gives the students an edge over English.

As ICSE helps in a child’s overall growth and has a balance syllabus, these points will definitely help you in choosing the best ICSE schools in Siliguri. Being a small town it has many schools coming up with proper facilities and advanced education. In this run, ICSE board is proving to be the best among the other boards. But it is completely your choice to choose the school with better facilities for a bright future of your child.