The classroom speaks a lot about the playschool

The preschool is the very first step in which children are separated from their comfort or secured zone from their parents. It is the place where a child learns his first A, B, C or 1, 2, 3. Therefore it has to be a place for a child to consider it as a second home. […]

higher education in ICSE schools

Introduction of value education for higher education in ICSE schools

We all know that value education is the process through which people give moral values to others. But what is the real meaning behind that? Value education is… The very purpose and meaning of value education is the development of an all-round development of personality of the students. Also, develop a dimension so that the […]


7 Crucial Examination Tips That Will Help You Score Higher

“Striving for success in future without hard work is just like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” We all know that examinations play a very significant role in everyone’s lives. They not only review our knowledge but also help us to realize where we stand in studies among our peers. Board exams act as […]

boarding school

Top 5 benefits of going to a boarding school for your child

Boarding school is not just a word; it is a way of building your child’s future in a better way. Let us start with what is a boarding school A boarding school is a school where education is provided for students who live within the premises of the school other than a regular day school. […]

Best books on parenting

Best Books on Parenting

‘The most astounding way for a child’s success is the positive involvement of their parents in their life.’ What is parenting to you? Having a baby is life-changer. It gives you a new perspective on why you wake-up every day. Parenting is the process of supporting the physical, emotional, and social development of a child […]

How to raise a happy child

When we talk about a happy child we must not confuse ourselves with a spoiled child. A happy child is not the one to whom we have to give everything. It is true that frustration is a part of life which is needed at some point in a child’s life but a happy child is […]

Appreciating and criticizing your child

It is said that motivation is the main reason for doing our daily chores correctly. It is what it drives us to act in order to achieve goals. In the same way, when children are self-motivated they are stuck at things for a longer period of time. They feel a sense of control over what […]

Responsible Children Equals to Responsible Citizens

‘We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.’- says George Bernard Shaw. Responsibility being an ideal Citizen- The term ‘Responsible citizens’ means, they must show the responsibility toward his/her nation. As a responsible citizen, they should participate in activities that make their world a better […]


How to teach your children to make friends without phones

Kids have gone a step ahead of demanding or using their own mobile phones after the gaming stations and music systems. Mobile phones are no more a commodity restricted for the use of the adults but a mobile phone is a commodity which needs to be handled with care and responsibility. The only advantage of […]


Discipline is the key in building a child’s character

Disciplining a child means teaching them how to be responsible and gain self-control. With appropriate and consistent discipline, a child will learn about the consequences and will know to take responsibility for their own actions. But the ultimate aim is to encourage the child to learn to manage their own feelings, behavior and learn to […]