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Social-emotional learning and how emotional intelligence benefits students

How Social-emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence Benefits Students?

In olden days, traditional learning has taught the students that they must leave their feelings at the door if they are serious about learning. Academic and emotional issues are considered to be completely separate when they are inside the school. However, in this modern era research has shown that indulging with a student through social […]

How your school is preparing kids interested in a vocational or technical career

How Your School is Preparing Kids Interested in a Vocational Education?

Education is undoubtedly the key to a brighter future. Many students might be confused about making career choices at school levels. Right career choice is a very important step you must take as soon as you reach high school. This is from where your choice of subjects also starts. Besides, when someone likes their career, […]

An insight into the workspace of the schools in Darjeeling

An Insight into the Workspace of the Schools in Darjeeling

To board, or not to board? Preparing to send your child to a boarding school comes with mixed emotions. Your head might say it can give your child a better education, but separation from your child can be a stressful experience. However, involving your child in this decision is also very important. Let know about […]

A proper guide to top 10 schools in Siliguri

A Proper Guide to Top 10 Schools in Siliguri

Figuring out the right school that can be the best fit for your child is a bit difficult. However, while deciding and selecting the best amidst all should definitely have some reasons to make your child more skillful and accomplished. The good news is that there are many options for schools in Siliguri. The bad […]

The technology your school teaches and how it benefits students

Technology Your School Teaches and How it Benefits Students

Technology has transformed our lives in many ways as we know it, and the classroom looks much different than it did 50 or even 10 years ago. Traditional blackboards and chalks are being replaced with smart boards, and classrooms are changing. Students gain! It can also be seen that students are also interested in using […]

How does Student Data help inform the Teaching

How does Student Data help Inform the Teaching

We all know that formal and informal assessments provide a better insight into students’ progress, effective curriculum and teaching methods. Student data help a lot the teachers to teach better. Here you will know how. However, there has been a push from the parents’ side of not allowing modern activities by which a teacher improves […]

Schools in Darjeeling-Guide to find the best

Schools in Darjeeling- Guide to Find the Best

As parents, providing quality education to your child is the first and foremost thing to do. Schools in Darjeeling is giving you an opportunity to perform your responsibilities well. Choosing a school implies that you are putting your child on a long, winding path of learning. Thus this path needs to be chosen carefully to […]

How to maintain a positive mindset in the classroom

How to maintain a positive mindset in the classroom

“If a child cannot learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they love to learn”. Teaching is not simply just about getting students ready for the tests. As educators, teachers must know that their work goes far more beyond than that. In every classroom, teachers must have the power to maintain […]

Post-Holiday Classroom Activities

Post-Holiday Classroom Activities

As many of you are getting ready to come back from break, there will be mix feelings. You have surely enjoyed a wonderful free time with your family and friends and are not at all ready to see that fun and excitement come to an end. Returning from break is difficult both for the teachers […]

Understanding the brain of a teenager and how to help them cope

Understanding the brain of a teenager and how to help them cope

As children become teenagers, their brains also grow and change. In turn, these changes affect their thinking and behavior. When you start understanding the brain of a teenager being a parent then you can easily help your child build a healthy teenage brain. Building a healthy brain! The unique combination of your child’s brain and […]