Student’s holistic development with the best boarding school in Siliguri

Integrated Learning and Holistic Development of Student

Holistic development in students means developing the ability of the brain as a comprehensive approach to learning. It is the development work which is associated with the learning programs organized by school in the academic sessions. The conventional learning system provided by the best boarding school in Siliguri focuses on the development of all the capabilities. The holistic growth in students means the development of physical, intellectual, cognitive, emotional and social abilities. This development skill means the capability of facing the demand and challenges of everyday life.

The capability elements associated with student’s holistic development

Physical capability

The first and foremost thing that is included in the physical capability of a student is a gross motor skill. The skills involve the entire movement of the body while walking, running and climbing. When these basic and important skills are achieved, the focus will turn into the development of psychomotor abilities of the students. It is the ability related with the response of conscious learning through five senses.

Student’s holistic development with the best boarding school in Siliguri

Intellectual and cognitive capability

The intellectual ability development is related to learning from doing any activity. It is the ability developed through practical experiences and information collection. This also includes the development of comprehension and abstract thinking abilities. The cognitive ability in students goes around with the development of problem-solving skills by using various concepts. The creative thinking and generation of ideas is also the result of this development skill.

Emotional ability

This ability involves the development of understanding their own and others personal abilities. This will help students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and the self-belief feeling will also generate. Students will be capable of building friendly relation with others and the communication skill will also develop. They also will be able to control their emotions and may also develop themselves in understanding other’s feeling.

Student’s holistic development with the best boarding school in Siliguri

Social Skill

The development of social skill in students is largely based upon the interaction and communication. These two abilities will be especially focused that will help them to work in a team. The coordination and cooperation towards any assigned task will be there all because of the social skill. This developmental work of highlighting student’s social competencies is one of the main elements of holistic growth.

The integrated learning support provided by the best boarding school in Siliguri aims in defining every child’s individual capabilities. The skills or abilities that will be developed are all forms of comparative analysis with holistic growth.