How Boarding School can Build Leadership Qualities in Students

How Boarding School can Build Leadership Qualities in Students

In this dynamic world leadership skills are becoming prominent and a highly valued asset of students. A boarding school has a great role in imparting leadership skills among the students as they offer the foundation of leadership, boosting leadership qualities. Boarding school offers an immersive environment to the students establishing a leadership culture which helps in developing leadership qualities. Top boarding schools in India are cultivating leadership culture by promoting it in their curriculum and extracurricular activities.
Exploring the article will give a detailed overview of how boarding schools can promote leadership qualities in students.

Potential Ways to Build Leadership Qualities in Students

Creating a Leadership Culture

This is one of the strategic ways to promote leadership qualities in students. Top boarding schools in India are including leadership principles in their curriculum and even in their extracurricular activities. Boarding schools encourage students to take leadership roles in various activities like academics, sports, and community service. All these activities have a positive impact on building a sense of leadership and responsible human.

Various Mentorship Programs

From time to time, boarding schools arrange mentorship programs for the students where senior students or faculty members guide their peers in developing leadership skills. This kind of mentorship program in boarding schools boosts the self-confidence of the students where they are encouraged to participate in various activities as a leader actively. The programs provide valuable insights into leadership abilities as well as refine and guide others in building leadership qualities.

Experiment Based Learning

Boarding school offers experiment-based learning opportunities to retain leadership qualities where students get hands-on experience in developing leadership skills. The experimental opportunity in the boarding school promotes adaptability and decision-making sense.

Workshops and Seminars

Arranging workshops and seminars based on leadership qualities is the best way to expose students to real-world insights. The leadership workshops and seminars help the students in effective communication, decision-making abilities, and conflict resolution, which overall enhance the student leadership qualities. The workshop also helps the students in addressing their problems or self-doubt which is somewhere affecting their leadership qualities.

Critical Thinker and Skilled Communicator

A student in the boarding school is perfectly nourished with the right curriculum and extracurricular activities. The secondary role of boarding school is, they make students a critical thinker and skilled communicator. A student in boarding schools learns to negotiate, work in a team, understand life values, and resolve conflicts, which overall lays a foundation of leadership qualities.


Boarding schools provide diverse opportunities for the growth and development of the student. The word growth refers to body development while development refers to the cognitive development of students. A boarding school works for both the growth and development of children as well as promotes leadership qualities among the students. We at Father Lablond School cultivate leadership qualities where a student can effectively navigate the complexity of the modern world. Father Lablond School, a residential school in Darjeeling has enabled the students to participate in the boarding culture where the development of skills, character, and values are the main pillars.

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