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Boost your leadership skill with the best ICSE school in Siliguri

A Lighthouse of Education and Tradition

The educational system in Siliguri has always been the most talked-about service in the West Bengal state. The city is located on the foot of the famous hilly region and since past many years, Siliguri has been providing top-notch educational service for the children. Thousands of parents rely on the best ICSE School in Siliguri […]

Schools in Siliguri with Successful Academic Achievement

The Pathway of Bright Future

Education is the limelight for the children, it sets up the path for their future which will be defined and delivered by the help of quality education at School. Known as the second home for the children, school is where they learn most of the things including the right direction towards their main aim. Here […]

Why Do Foreign Students Come to India for Boarding Schools?

If you look back on time, you would realize the Indians have a considerable contribution to the education system. The pioneer of mathematics and the very genius Aryabhatta invented zero and discovered many other concepts is an esteemed personality of the Indian origin. Not only this, from the time and beyond, but the Indian education […]

How to Cope up With Online Classes Effectively

The current lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the closing down of all schools and essential workplaces. It is the need of the hour as staying home and isolate is the only and best way to glorify in this battle against coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus (COVID-19) is […]

How to Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style

Have your child’s school days begun? Are you concerned and doubtful if your child does not find his courses interesting? Do not worry! There are many new and creative ways to learn about what excites your child. Every child is special and there are different ways to bring out the specialty of your little one. […]

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How schools in Darjeeling help in character building

To succeed in the long race, morale plays an equal role as academics. Character building is the structural development of moral values and personal growth in the aspects of behavior. The present education system focuses on the overall development of its children like the schools in Darjeeling have introduced different activities in their curriculum to […]

How Schools Are A Stepping Stone In The Lives Of Individuals

Creating a productive and functional life is quite similar to constructing a multi-storied building. As both requires a strong foundation for the whole structure to remain strong and steady. As technical as it may sound in the first instance, leading a productive life comes with learning a few value systems that are taught to us […]

How libraries help students to be toppers

A school that has a good library is always a step ahead in the game of knowledge. And a library becomes a gift only when it has the capacity to satisfy the students’ hunger for knowledge. Thus a good school always keeps its library up to date so that the students don’t ever lack the […]

Build a Better Future with the Best Schools in Siliguri

Build a Better Future with the Best Schools in Siliguri

Education for kids is very important as it lays the foundation for their careers in the future. Starting from pre-primary education to high school students learn about many things which help them to implement these things later in the future. So, every parent needs to choose the best school with the ideal qualities for their […]