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Affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, Father LeBlond School was established in the year 2000. Father Leblond is a Co-Educational Residential Public School in Darjeeling. It has earned its reputation as an institution of excellence among prestigious schools in Siliguri and heritage schools in Darjeeling. Equipped with modern infrastructure and an innovative education pattern, FLS is among few of the best ICSE Schools in Siliguri. F.L.S is the most sought after boarding institution in India, Nepal and Bangladesh aiming for "Educating Children for Global Citizenship".

The school’s mission is to provide an effective education through which forges a good character and strength of mind in students. We provide an education that facilitates intellectual expansion, developed skills and enhanced power of judgment. We train our students to become moral, intellectual who are psychologically balanced people to have a cheerful outlook of life.

The Best ICSE Boarding in Siliguri

We provide high level of discipline, integrity, appropriate etiquette and mannerism into our boarding culture. These values are the pillars of FLS Model of Education and the hallmarks of a LeBlonite.

World Class, Effective & Interactive Based Learning

For Admission Call : +91 99036 68624 / +91 81019 13715

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A virtual glimpse into the best ICSE School in the region

Our School Facilities

We provide the best of services which makes us one of the promising ICSE Boarding school in Siliguri

icse schools in siliguri


We have an excellent auditorium which provides our students a platform for them to showcase their many talents.

icse schools in siliguri

Swimming Pool

Once a luxury facility, a swimming pool is now an essential part of modern schooling which helps students learn the art of swimming.

icse schools in siliguri


Reading is a habit which shapes a child’s mind and empowers them with knowledge, which is why the school library is an essential part of the curriculum and is stocked with a cast collection of books, journals and other literary works.

icse schools in siliguri

Computer & Science Lab

Separate laboratories for the Sciences and computer enables the students to have a better and practical experience.

best boarding school in Siliguri


Health is an important factor for the well-being of a child and thus the school infirmary has dedicated medical assistants to take care of the children’s medical needs.

best boarding school in Siliguri

Digital Classrooms

Our classes are equipped with the latest smart class technology which enhances the learning experience for the students through digital media.

best boarding school in Siliguri

AC Dormitories

Spacious, air-conditioned and well ventilated dormitories ensure that the children have a comfortable stay.

best boarding school in Siliguri

Green Campus

A sprawling and lush green campus provides the students with a pollution-free and healthy environment for them to grow.

best boarding school in Siliguri

Sporting Facilities

A complete educaiton is one which focuses on all-round development of students which is why the school offers various sporting facilites to support the sporting talents of our children.

World Class, Effective & Interactive Based Learning

For Admission Call : +91 99036 68624 / +91 81019 13715

Why Choose Us?


Best Infrastructure

An infrastructure that matches our reputation

best boarding school in Siliguri

Quality Education

The prime focus of our innovative institution

best boarding school in Siliguri

Modern Facilities

To enhance every single aspect of their growth

best boarding school in Siliguri

Affordable Education

Education services that is meant for all


Stay Updated to the latest in school and the activities that are to occur on this academic year. It is an effort to keep the student and the family in touch with the School.

Benefits of joining the Best ICSE

School in Siliguri

Siliguri is the home for many prominent schools, colleges, and university that shapes the future of many students from a long time. Father Leblond is considered to be the best ICSE school in Siliguri for providing quality educational services to students along with co-curricular activities, sports, expedition and study tour. This school holds a better impact on the life of students by educating them academically and enables the child to become a good social being.

The educational system in this school boost confidence within the child and welcome teamwork, equality, and specialization necessary to face the future competition. Though there are plenty of options available for parents in recent time, but choosing the best boarding school in Siliguri is beneficial for identifying the strength and weakness of the child genuinely. The future of the students can be shaped based on their interests as the syllabus followed by the ICSE board is more comprehensive and complete in comparison to other boards. Moreover, there are so many other reasons that force parents to choose the best boarding school.

Involvement of Great Teachers

Father Leblond School hire the most experienced and qualified teachers with degrees in their subjects. The teachers are passionate about sharing knowledge for the academic growth of the students and also put their efforts in shaping the character of each student. The teachers show the right direction and extend their role beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Joining the best ICSE school in Siliguri is beneficial for your child because the initiative of great teachers develop a relationship with their students so that the students will feel comfortable in clearing their doubts and developing more skills.

Enjoy Sport Facilities

Father Leblond School have amazing sports facilities to make the students physically fit and motivated towards attaining the next level. The involvement of sports can be helpful for students to develop their sporting abilities perfectly. On the other hand engagement in sport also develop teamwork within the students with lots of physical endeavour. Every child is special in their own terms and best boarding school in Siliguri provide separate grounds for students by dividing them into categories of junior, senior, girls, and boys. Both indoor and outdoor sports are initiated in the school which include cricket, football, basketball, badminton, cycling, swimming, carom, chess, Karate and so on.

Get into Leadership Training

Father Leblond School encourages the students towards Youth Movement and leadership training as we believe in pupil ownership and participation. Participation in decision making and other welfare-related issues can be beneficial for students to develop leadership qualities. By taking part in such training program initiated by the best ICSE school in Siliguri, students find their ways in improving their problem-solving skills. School leadership has a greater influence on the student as well as on the school effective training program light the future leadership role within a child.

Father Leblond School provide all the modern facilities beyond academics to shape the future of your child through the digital classroom, laboratory, library, auditorium, art gallery and a huge campus. You should come across the boundaries and go through the admission guidelines and fee structure to complete the online registration formalities to join the best ICSE school in Siliguri. The innovative ideas set by the school management will give you the reasons to join this school.

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