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Independent Boarding and Day School in Darjeeling

Deciding whether to send your child to a boarding school in Darjeeling instead of the day school is a decision which most of the parents make during the completion of the child’s primary school. But is it right to send? Parents are often confused while choosing the best school for their children. They also start […]

A Closer Look at Boys Boarding Schools in Siliguri

A Closer Look at Boys Boarding Schools in Siliguri

For many parents, the idea of dropping your child at a boarding school is a difficult task. No parents have an easy time being away from kids However, if you are working then sending your child to a boarding school seems to be the right choice. So, if boarding school is something your family is […]

Teaching Tips - How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Students

Teaching Tips – How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Students

Successful teachers are those that have the ability to increase the potentiality of learning for each and every student in the class. Also, developing a positive relationship between a teacher and a student is the key to quality teaching and student learning. Positivity after all… The positive teacher-student relationship is must for a session to […]

Back To School: A Survival Guide For Parents

Back To School: A Survival Guide For Parents

“Who stresses the most when the children go back to school? Not the kids for sure! So, here is a survival guide for those parents.” The holidays are about to get over, which means an end to relaxed bedtimes, watching TV or playing with friends. Here is how to change the summer time holiday routine […]

How to engage students in school activities after holidays

During the holidays, students visit different places, play games, live a life without routine and do everything that they cannot do during routine school life. Therefore, when they are back from holidays it is difficult for them to get back to the school activities. These are some of the tips for you to follow to […]

School after Break: A Survival Guide for the Parents

Parents don’t be stressed! We are at your rescue!! We know children are about to go to school and you are already tensed. How to get the children back to routine? How to wake them up early? How to teach them new things? Don’t worry! You are about to know the “How!” Go on get […]

New Teacher – 10 Tools for the First Week of Rapport Building

 When we were kids, we used to look up to our teachers for anything and everything. The way they spelled-“A for Apple”, the way they said, “Good morning Students!” and how they walked, talked, sat and smiled. The Teachers: Teachers are ideal for every student. However, we humans depend on the clicks of life. Sometimes […]

Internationally appreciated Indian Education System

Indian Education System is worldwide appreciated and loved. India has given birth to a genius like Valmiki from the Vedic times, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose from the ’70s, Rabindranath Tagore, Khudiram Bose and Arundhuti Roy from the present times. These extraordinary talents were born in India and received educations from the Indian Schools. The best […]

A Complete School educates you with values

It is very hard to understand the true meaning of a Complete Education and also to find the school that suits your child best. Actually there have been many new schools today that have the best of faculty and teaching technique but there is something else too that cannot be ignored. It is Values. Many […]