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New Teacher – 10 Tools for the First Week of Rapport Building

 When we were kids, we used to look up to our teachers for anything and everything. The way they spelled-“A for Apple”, the way they said, “Good morning Students!” and how they walked, talked, sat and smiled. The Teachers: Teachers are ideal for every student. However, we humans depend on the clicks of life. Sometimes […]

Internationally appreciated Indian Education System

Indian Education System is worldwide appreciated and loved. India has given birth to a genius like Valmiki from the Vedic times, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose from the ’70s, Rabindranath Tagore, Khudiram Bose and Arundhuti Roy from the present times. These extraordinary talents were born in India and received educations from the Indian Schools. The best […]

A Complete School educates you with values

It is very hard to understand the true meaning of a Complete Education and also to find the school that suits your child best. Actually there have been many new schools today that have the best of faculty and teaching technique but there is something else too that cannot be ignored. It is Values. Many […]


Childhood is all about learning and learning is easier if you have a strong memory. Having a great memory can help your child to perform well on school tests and of course achieve better grades. But sharp memory skills are not something that people are born with; those are developed and improve the more they […]

Five Innovative Methods of Studying

Once Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B Imagination will take you everywhere”. Studying is a process that helps you learn new things and grasp some essential and innovative techniques of life. Those who study properly, induce in them a bucket full of knowledge. This knowledge later gets them to potential […]

Boarding school

The Reality of Boarding Schools!

As the children grow up, Parents start worrying about their schooling. The questions that engross your mind are: Will my ward be safe in that particular school? Should I opt for a boarding school or a public school? Is boarding school the right choice for my kid? Hello parents, We know there are numerous myths […]

How to welcome a new kid at a new School

“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image” One day you enter your classroom at school.  You find a new boy or girl sitting there. How do students welcome the new student? Reluctant to talk to him Hesitant before including him in anything Not doing class works together Not eating lunch together How […]

Effective Study Tips for School Students

Effective Study Tips for School Students

The Best Time to Study: 4 am to 6 am Brain Function: 100% 6 am to 7:30 pm Brain Function: 50% Night Time Brain Function: 20% Work hard until lamp light of your study table become spotlight of stage. Importance of studying: Studying is important because it makes you sharp, logical and talented. As you […]

How to Maintain the Discipline at School

How to Maintain the Discipline at School

“Discipline is being able to force yourself to do something, in spite of how you feel, over and over until it becomes a habit.”-  Kim Brenneman Discipline is one of the greatest qualities one can achieve in life. Being disciplined is not an easy phenomenon. It needs practice, endurance, and patience. Once you acquire this […]

Why and How to Motivate Students?

Why and How to Motivate Students?

What is Motivation? The external as well as internal force that stimulates you to keep that inner fire burning until you achieve your goals is called motivation. Motivation is not something that ignites you once and then stops burning. Motivation is something that keeps the fire burning within you. Being a student if you feel […]