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Importance of laboratories in schools

Importance of including well-equipped laboratories in schools

“A laboratory is always considered as a relevant and essential part so far as the teaching of Science and Computer is concerned.” Every school has laboratories where students can perform researches, experiments or even learn new things with the help of internet facility. This helps students to remember the studies in a better way by […]

Helping your child accomplish their middle school goals

Helping your child accomplish their middle school goals

‘The transition from the coziness of the elementary school to a completely new world of middle school can be hard.’ Bye-bye cozy elementary schools! Children, who have usually been at the elementary schools for many years’ starts feeling like home. So, going into a middle school can be a social distraction for a new middle-school […]

Necessity of wearing school uniforms for every student

Necessity of wearing school uniforms for every student!

“School uniforms are the most important part of a student’s life and it is important for all.” It is the only most visible elements of any school wherever a student will go. It is a belief that school uniforms are a reflection of the disciplined standards practices in that school. So, here we will give […]

5 essential benefits of outdoor learning

5 essential benefits of outdoor learning for teenagers

“We are aware of the fact that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” We know that education is all about the overall development of a child and this is rightly proved when a child goes through the process of outdoor learning. Have you ever gone on a trip outside […]

How to Enhance Memory to Score Better

How to Enhance Memory to Score Better in Examinations!

Exam! Sounds like a ghost is a student’s life. Whenever exams are there, students go through the pressure of doing well and memorizing the notes they have collected the whole year. The season of the exam has arrived and is the time when students have to score with flying colors. So, why not start preparing […]

How does handwriting make a student

How does handwriting make an impact and describe the student?

While jotting down a shopping list, writing a birthday card, all needs writing. So, it is important for our daily lives! Handwriting is a skill which is necessary for both children and adults. In recent days, people are shifting from paper to electronic modes of communication. But, handwriting with pen and paper still has a […]

having academic libraries in Schools

Know about the importance of having academic libraries in Schools

‘To increase the knowledge of the students and to provide them information school libraries are a must.’ A library is the heart of a school’s academic activities. It can be accessed within a school by the staff members, students and often by the teachers. It is an essential source of knowledge for the young minds […]

Preparation of annual concert in ICSE schools

Preparation of annual concert in ICSE schools

‘Not only studies, but co-curricular activities are also important. So let’s know about the biggest celebration held annually in every school.’ Overview of the celebration!! Annual Day concert is the most anxiously awaited occasions. It is not like other small occasions held in a school. It is a massive celebration for which students including the […]

Behavioral activities

Shaping preschoolers towards good mannerism through behavioral activities

The year in preschool education is an essential period in a child’s life. And, the different ways to teach them is through learning, activities and many more. So why not chose the best way possible! Preschool education is the bridge between early childhood education and school. It also helps children adapt to the school culture. […]