A Proper Guide to Top 10 Schools in Siliguri

A Proper Guide to Top 10 Schools in Siliguri


Figuring out the right school that can be the best fit for your child is a bit difficult.

However, while deciding and selecting the best amidst all should definitely have some reasons to make your child more skillful and accomplished.

The good news is that there are many options for schools in Siliguri. The bad news is that the options often leave the parents confused about which one to choose. It is important to know what to look for in a school to ensure your child receives the best possible education for a bright future.

Tips while choosing the best school!

Once you know your choices, it is time to determine the find out the features of the school.

  • Faculty matters
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthy Environment
  • Existence of extracurricular activities
  • Access to modernity

Day schools and residential schools for you to choose!

Day school:

It is a school where the students attend classes in school and return to their homes.

Day schools to be listed:

  • Don Bosco School
  • Nirmala Convent School
  • St. Josephs School
  • Lincolns High School
  • Himalayan English School
  • St. Xavier’s School
  • Hebron English School
  • Grace Academy
  • Mahbert High School
  • Milton English School

Residential school:

It is a school where students live within the campus in dormitories. They only go home during vacations and live under the care of the hostel wardens.

Residential schools to be listed:

  • St. Michael’s school
  • Father Leblond School
  • Himalayan International Residential School
  • North Point Residential School
  • Himali Boarding School

With this guide, we have surely made your confusion clear. Now you can choose one of these schools in Siliguri. Choose the ideal school for your child and offer them a bright education!

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