How Digital Classrooms Are Transforming India’s Education System

How Digital Classrooms Are Transforming India’s Education System


The COVID-19 pandemic led to the nationwide lockdown. Due to this, the schools, parents and students have found themselves in a unique position. Quickly schools started to spread the message about digital classrooms because education had to be given priority. The best ICSE school in Siliguri also went on from traditional classroom teaching to online schooling. The teaching process might not be similar to the old times but still, students are continuing their studies despite the pandemic.

Table of Contents:

  • The key elements that made the transformation possible
  • Preparation
  • Adaptation
  • Learning
  • Conclusion

The key elements that made the transformation possible


The transfer of the traditional classroom to a zoom or video classroom has not been easy. The instant assumption is made on students having their own dedicated devices. In many families, children and parents share the devices. Therefore, the preparation on balance has to be made on this thing. Teaching has to be designed in such a way that no students have to lose out on daily class. The best ICSE school in Siliguri has given the responsibility to teachers to assist students in the right way.


Both teachers and students have started to adapt to new technologies and formats. Yes, during the phase of the lockdown period, the speed of the program was not that great. But now as several months has passed, students and teachers have adapted with the online platform. The teachers at best ICSE school in Siliguri have been able to conduct online classes conveniently. Students have also realized the best possible way to take the educational benefits from the digital platform. In this way, students are getting much familiar with online classes and teachers are also planning the works beforehand.


Online schooling has also ensured that the students are understanding and learning the content. Students are finding themselves in a much better situation to learn with regular online class. The best ICSE school in Siliguri sets the milestone for students that should be built. Because of this, the immediate results have been confirmed. Students also have been able to point out their mistakes and correct themselves. The quick output has allowed teachers to confirm the current educational status of each individual student. 

These above mentioned three points are the most important aspect of online learning. The best ICSE school in Siliguri had to execute this plan quickly. And the management has done so really well taking current global pandemic into consideration.

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