Choose The Best ICSE School in Siliguri for Childhood Education

Choose The Best ICSE School in Siliguri for Childhood Education


It has been scientifically proven that the growth of the brain generally takes place during the initial stages of physical growth. So, it becomes very important to choose what’s right for your child and avoid deciding on schools by looking back at their year-old heritage and reputation. There are tremendous numbers of ICSE Schools in Siliguri who spend on costly banners and advertisements but that should not be of any importance before you choose the best school for your child.

If you are hunting for the Best school in Siliguri that your child deserves here are a few pointers you should take notice of before short-listing schools or kindergartens solely on the basis of fame & popularity:

  • Soft-Spoken Teachers – The relationship between your child and his/her teacher is more important than any curriculum. Your child is habituated to being surrounded by loving people, including parents and siblings all the time. And school is the first time for them to spend a large portion of their day away from those people. So, you need to look for a preschool teacher who is very caring & soft spoken.
  • Effective Curriculum – Your child should be surrounded with words, especially in the early years. You need to be sure that apart from conducting study sessions inside the class, the academic curriculum includes regular visits to the library. You also need to ensure the teacher sets aside lots of time for reading and storytelling to the children.
  • Creative Activities – Excellent teachers don’t limit your child’s education solely to the pages of his/her books. They accelerate your child’s intellectual growth with the help of extra-curricular activities scientifically designed & proven to enhance mental sharpness & concentration. Make sure the academic regime of the institution you choose includes a lot of games during the study.
  • Professional Consistency – Find a school where the teachers are not being treated as interchangeable cogs. Once your child starts to attend his classes, s/he will inevitably bond with the teacher. S/he will look up to the teacher for advice and instruction. If the teachers are being replaced too often, it might hinder your child to properly associate and communicate with the teacher.

With the above-mentioned criteria, there are numerous ICSE Schools present in Siliguri.

Among them, Father Leblond School is one of the highly rated top ICSE Schools in Siliguri. It has been ranked the best ICSE School in Siliguri which has been blending quality education with the rightful amount of co-curricular activities, which are a must for each student in today’s progressive world.

Reasons to choose Father Leblond School:

  1. We provide the best quality and definition of smart education techniques to your child. The edge that he/she needs to excel.
  2. The first batch of this school had managed to attain a 100% pass percentage with the lowest being around 70% overall.
  3. Our faculty knows what it takes to make a student able to qualify for the Best Colleges and our results have been fruitful.

 Our facilities include:

✓ Well maintained classrooms

✓ Auditorium

✓ Library

✓ School Hours for Day-Scholars:

  Nursery, KG, I & II:          11.00 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

  IV & above:                       8.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

✓ Day –Scholars are allowed to go home after the School-Hours as per schedule.

✓School Hours for Day-Boarders (Classes IV and above):

8.30 a.m. – 6.15 p.m.

With highly experienced faculty members, having a reputation of outstanding Board Results and modern pedagogy, Father Leblond School is considered as the best ICSE School in Siliguri & North Bengal. This school aims at preparing students for securing great placements in top colleges & institutes of the country as well as abroad. The School is committed to imparting an intellectually stimulating curriculum within the framework of the established guidelines of the Final Examinations.

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