Educating Children From All Walks Of Life

Educating Children From All Walks Of Life


Education should not be a privilege but a fundamental human right. Taking this very thought forwards schools should promote education that serves everyone. Father Leblond School being one of the best ICSE schools in Siliguri believes in providing education to children from all walks of life. This aims at developing the potential of every child which stresses not only the syllabus but morals, values, and social skills. These shape a child’s character and make them a capable individual is what the best ICSE schools in Siliguri believe in.

Table of content:

1. Importance of equality in education

2. How schools can promote such values

3. Conclusion

Importance of equality in education

Equality in education helps in shaping every child’s future and providing them with basic rights and opportunities. In schools, equality is important and children should not be discriminated against based on their background. An environment of growth and unity should prevail where such social discrimination should not creep into the mindset of students.

Equality in school should be assessed by the access to amenities and the outcomes. Every child should have the right to high-quality education regardless of where they come from. It also means that every student will be held to the same standards and objectives and not be divided based on their circumstances, abilities, or experiences.

Such ideas will help in molding the students into better individuals and also as the future of the nation. When they start considering everyone equal the atrocities like bullying and ragging will also reduce immensely. Every child will be able to get a better education and have a future. The best ICSE school in Siliguri has been promoting the importance of equality in education for students and helping in their growth and development.

How schools can promote such values

When it comes to promoting an environment for educating children equally schools need to focus on every aspect from infrastructure to curriculum and extra-curricular learning.

  • Infrastructure- The infrastructure of a school plays an important role in promoting equality. The environment should be positive where the children can learn and grow.
  • Curriculum- the syllabus or curriculum should involve a mode of teaching which can be accessible by all. Students should get equal opportunities and access to knowledge imparted in the institutions.
  • Faculty- faculty plays a vital role in shaping the minds of the children. There should not be any kind of favouritism and the teachers should help every student equally so that they can give their best in every aspect.
  • Social skills- moral and social skills help in achieving equality of minds. Students will learn values that will help them in every way and also allow the school to establish the equality they work for.


The best ICSE school in Siliguri has made sure that students are not lacking in their education based on their background. Every child deserves the best for themselves and the schools have been providing it to them.

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