Building blocks of a child's future

Building blocks of a child’s future


The young minds are always curious and always busy asking about everything they can see around them. It is the curiosity which must be nurtured well as “Curiosity is the foundation of Education”.

They are born eager to learn. Developing curiosity will help them to be willing and able to continually grow and learn. In today’s competitive world, the teacher and parents should also play an active role in the child’s development.

Acquiring the developmental milestone:

A developmental milestone is a skill that a child acquires within a specific time. For instance, one of the most important milestones is learning to walk. Most children learn this skill or other developmental milestones between the ages of 9 to 15 months. However, milestones develop in a sequential fashion. This means that a child must develop some basic skills before acquiring the new skills. Each milestone that a child acquires makes him able to build on the last milestone developed.

The importance of mental health:

Mental health is a very essential part of a child’s overall health. It has a very important interactive relationship with a child’s physical health and the ability to achieve success in school, at work and in the society. Both the physical and mental health affects the way of thinking, feeling and acting on the inside and outside.

How to ensure a healthy mind of a child?

In today’s world, physical health is given more importance than mental health. Physical health has several methods to be taken care of but in this, mental health gets really ignored and is deprived of. A good character is a combination of both having a good mental and physical ability in equal balance for the betterment of the child.

Let us look at a few vital points that help a child’s mental health and shape his or her mind and physical strength.

1-Importance of interaction with the child:

A child’s brain develops based on the early experiences at home. The more interaction a child will have, the healthier his or her development will be. The parents and teachers should also have an open interaction with their students or child to understand their world better and to give them much needed support regularly.

2-Provide a stable relationship with the child:

The children who have a stable relationship with at least any one of the parent or teacher they develop learning at a faster pace, feel better and make friends more easily. This helps a child in forming good relationships with the other kids at school, parents, in work or in society.

3-Development of strong self-esteem among the child:

A strong sense of self-esteem is a foundation for a healthy development in the young children. It means how much kids value themselves and their importance. A child can also develop strong self-esteem if he or she can be praised for their efforts and helping them recognizes to use their strengths.

4-Engaging in a good conversation:

Communicating with your child or children not only shows love but also encourages the development of his or her speech patterns.  It will help them in interacting in a proper way with other people and will also develop their self-confidence of speaking in public.

5-Reading with your child for better learning:

Reading with children will demonstrate a love for books and learning. It is a wonderful way for parents or teachers and children to spend quality time together. It helps them improve their reading skills and increases their interest in getting knowledge of new things.

6-Involving your child in making music:

Music making offers a child an outlet for expression and stimulates brain development in specific areas including language and reasoning. It helps the body and the mind work together. It also helps them in learning the sounds and meaning of words and allows them to practice self-expression.

Choosing the right factors is a step you cannot skip

Education in the schools in Siliguri has been improving day by day and with the implementation of modern technologies and teaching, the teachers, as well as the parents, can improve the physical and mental health for a child’s better future. With the introduction of quality and modernized ICSE schools in Siliguri parents have better schooling options nowadays and for the successful growth of a child an effective cooperation with the child is necessary as it is said, “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”.

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