Which is Better- Day School or Day Boarding School?

Which is Better- Day School or Boarding School?

Remember the days when you entered the schooling phase, and how stressful it was. Even in this new era, most of the children and their parents want to admit their ward conveniently in the nearest school. By doing this parents are restricting their children from holistic growth and development. Admitting your children to the day school is just like somewhat setting your ward perfectly in a cocoon. No doubt, children may feel perfect in their boundaries even if they refuse to learn beyond academics. But the children's parents always stay in the dilemma of whether a boarding school is better or a day school. However, this school selection debate is a never-ending process and also delivers diversity in thinking about the benefits of boarding school or day school.
This is why we have created detailed information and included perks of boarding and day school. Reading this as a parent or student will help in eliminating the school selection dilemma but before that let's explore day school and boarding school.

Day School

A day school is an educational institution that allows the student to return home every day after attending classes. If the school time gets over, they are free to return home and this continues. Talking about the educational approach of a day school only offers a traditional educational experience with a strong focus on academics, co-curricular activities, and personal development. The school cost is inexpensive for the student and parents, offering homestay. However, a day school also offers a healthy environment that fosters independence and self-discipline but never aligns with the boarding school perspective.

Boarding School

A boarding school is also an educational institution that only allows the student to stay on campus and study under the supervision of well-trained teachers and staff. The school offers a unique culture and educational approach where a student can nurture their ideas, self-discipline, and sense of responsibility. A boarding school has a strong emphasis on academics, co-curricular activities, self-development, discipline, and much more.

Why Boarding School is Better than Day School?

Discipline & Punctuality

Discipline and punctuality have an integral role in enhancing the overall performance and learning of children. Lacking discipline and punctuality, a student can’t perform well in any activities whether it is academics or co-curricular activities. So, a boarding school performs well in developing a sense of discipline and punctuality in students by following a certain timetable for every activity.

Better Learning on Academics

Unlike a day school student after returning home faces lots of distractions from their family, friends, and environment while boarding school students always stay out of distractions which can hamper their learning schedule. So, boarding students always perform well in all the activities over the day school students. The school has a learning-oriented environment where a student can easily learn while doing any activities.

Peace of Mind

The activities of boarding school start from waking early morning, meditation, exercise, study, and cocurricular activities, it helps in attaining mind peace which ultimately focuses on positive outcomes. Students always stay optimistic, and positive, resulting in holistic development.
Best Boarding School: If you as a student or parent also searching for the best boarding school in India, just explore Father Leblond School, one of the best day boarding schools situated in the “queen of hills”(Darjeeling, Siliguri). The school is affiliated with the ICSE board, where every student can nourish their development journey.


A boarding school always stands out from the day school. The reason is boarding schools are more oriented on academics, co-curricular activities, self-development, discipline, and punctuality, resulting in the holistic development of children. Choosing the best boarding school has an important role in considering above highlighted activities. Father Leblond School is one of the best boarding schools in India and has the potential to enrich student's learning through the right approach to teaching under the guidance of skilled teachers.

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