Education helps in creating a bright future of a child

Education helps in creating a bright future of a child


Education is an essential medium for acquiring knowledge and skills. It is not just learning from books. But it is an effort of generating knowledge from the older generation to transfer their knowledge to their offsprings.

The need for values in education:

Values in education are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience by instilling it in the child.

Every child must be taught about their values to shape their future in a better way. So, there are few values which lay a particular emphasis on the formation of the character of the students:

  • Efficiency
  • Good Temper
  • Cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Discipline

Benefits of education:

Education is a must for every child. It is the foundation of a child which makes him grow into a responsible and a better person. It also improves the speaking and writing skills of a child. But there are few more reasons for you to know about why is education so important for building a child’s future:

  • Education makes a child’s life better and happy
  • Education gives a good career
  • Education makes a child dependent
  • Education makes a child’s life independent
  • It also helps in making own decisions
  • Education gives confidence to a child
  • Education gives success to a child

Importance of education in reducing illiteracy:

The importance of education does not just lie in the ability to perform reading and writing. It goes way more beyond that. Educating a child is the best achievement of a country or for a school to secure its future.

So, if we think of educating people atleast with the minimum skill of reading and writing then millions of people will be out of the boundary of illiteracy.

Role of parents and school in shaping a child:

There are different aspects and situations to create a bright future for a child. But the most significant among them is the…

1. Role of parents:

Children are a kind of unshaped piece made with innocent clays and can be molded in whichever you want them to be. So parents play a significant role in shaping a child’s future. How?

  • Parents encourage and motivate their child to learn
  • Parents help a child to be a confident, healthy and life-long learner
  • Parents help a child in becoming responsive and understanding

2. Role of the school:

Education is an investment. Gone are the days when parents used to search for a better school rather than finding a school on the basis of reputation.

Traditional schooling emphasized more on studies and had a low support for co-curricular activities whereas modern day schooling gives equal importance to schooling and co-curricular activities. But there are some other roles which every school in Siliguri must play in a child’s development:

  • They can meet their friends
  • They establish relations which maybe helpful in future
  • They learn about the basics of living in a community
  • They develop their personality and can give their own opinion
  • And most importantly, they get indulged in extra-curricular activities

How to choose the best?

The fact is that the parents want their kids to get the best education possible. But in their eagerness to provide the best education sometimes they consider only the affordability before deciding on the curriculum of the school.

Surely it is an essential factor but the curriculum is the best way to choose the right school for the child. And to look into this there are many ICSE schools in Siliguri which offer the best education to provide a better future for the child.

Why does a child need education for a better future?

A country that provides quality education has the prospects of creating a better future for the child. With a better system of education, many children can have a better life and make this a better place to live in.

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