Effective Study Tips for School Students

Effective Study Tips for School Students


The Best Time to Study:

4 am to 6 am

Brain Function: 100%

6 am to 7:30 pm

Brain Function: 50%

Night Time

Brain Function: 20%

Work hard until lamp light of your study table become spotlight of stage.

Importance of studying:

Studying is important because it makes you sharp, logical and talented. As you grow up you become capable of dealing logically with life’s problem.

Tips to study well:

School students must study hard so that they get good marks and secure a good position in the class. In this manner, the students grow their competitive skills and slowly learn how to keep up their self-esteem.

1. Sit Right:

Choose the right place and time where you can study well and when your mind gets attentive. A particular space and a particular time alert your brain and body that it is the time and place to study. Therefore, your attention is not diverted.

2. The right time:

You must study on a regular basis. Studying at an interval will not grow the habit of studying. However, studying on a regular basis will grow the habit of studying.

3. Set time:

Always set an alarm, use a planner, every day creates a commotion list. Finally yet importantly, set a time barrier. Never study more than 2 hours at a stretch. It hampers the brains normal functioning.

4. What works well:

Know your study habits. Some people learn well while hearing audio, some while watching a video and others learn well while writing down any topic.

5. Revise and Review:

Every time you complete work, always revise and review. While you revise and review, you grab the things really well. This makes you sharper and better.

6. Take a short break:

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Therefore, never make this mistake, study but take breaks. During your break time, practice your hobbies.

7. Ask for guidance:

When you are stuck somewhere while studying, do ask for guidance. Never keep your weak points under cover. In this manner, you will never grow.

8. Motivation is necessary:

Whenever you feel bogged down motivate yourself. You can motivate yourself in many ways, for example, listen to powerful music, listen to some strong motivational speech, do something you are good at etc.

9. Apps help:

In this digitalized world, multiple apps help the student grow in their study sector. You can always download these apps and take help when you are stuck during studying.

10. Be fit:

If you want to do well in studies, you must look after yourself. Staying healthy and eating well helps, you stay mindful.

Your task:

Growing up is a processes. Complete this processes in the best manner. While you study hard, you train your brain to logical and significant terms. This makes your brain

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