Five Innovative Methods of Studying

Five Innovative Methods of Studying


Once Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B Imagination will take you everywhere”.

Studying is a process that helps you learn new things and grasp some essential and innovative techniques of life. Those who study properly, induce in them a bucket full of knowledge. This knowledge later gets them to potential heights of life.

Students those who want to be successful in life must study properly and minutely. Studying will not help if you do it just to get pass marks in the exam. Study because you are eager to gather knowledge, be innovative and successful.

Making Studies Interesting:

Making Studies Interesting

Students sometimes avoid their study time and involve in other activities like playing games, watching t.v and roaming around with friends. However, studying seems boring to them.

The reason behind this reluctance is the method of studying. Though we survive in the 21st century, we still follow the old method of studying.  Do you think in this digitalized world the old methods of studying will be fruitful?

Nowadays kids are much more advanced and mature. They perform at a different level and therefore, they require something new and advanced.

To make studying innovative, interesting and fun, we have some methods listed down below.

Innovative Methods of Studying: 

  1. Rhyme up Whatever you want to memorize:

This is a tried and tested formula. Throw a flashback to your childhood. Do you remember memorizing rhymes? Were they difficult or did you forget them? I hope that not!

Now try to find out the reason behind it. The reason is that whenever you rhyme up you start learning it better. It is interesting and fun.


  • Dramatize your reading processes:

While you read anything from the literature or any subject. Get into the characters of whatever you are reading. While you read in this manner, you grasp things well and never tend to forget.

Next time whenever you read any subject, try this trick. For example, if you are reading Othello then imagine yourself to be Othello or Desdemona and then read. Now see the difference between normal studying and dramatizing your studies.


  • Set a play-list to study:

How do you study? Do you seat with your books and go on mugging them up in a monotonous manner? Does it help you memorize things? Yes, sometimes it helps and sometimes it does not.

Therefore, set a playlist while you study. Do not set any music that has a song rather set instrumental music while you study. This will help you memorize things well. Even scientists have proven that music helps your brain retain things better.


  • Make your Notes interesting to study:

While you study, it is a very good habit to make notes. Notes help you memorize things well and aid you in understanding.

However, notes written in just black or blue pen may seem boring sometimes. Therefore, notes written with colored pens seem interesting and fun to read.


  • Don’t get too serious rather make it a game:

Monotonous studying is boring. Let’s give you some idea to make it fun. How about making it like a game?

Gang up with your friends and play the game of quiz, memorizing and identifying of whatever you all have studied throughout the day.


Be Interested!


Be interested in whatever you are studying. If you do not develop interest, you feel boring. Once you get bored with your studies, you stop gaining knowledge. INNOVATION GEARS UP INTEREST!

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