Game-based Learning and How School is Implementing It in the Classroom?

Game-based Learning and How School is Implementing It in the Classroom?


Imagine sitting in a classroom with each teacher standing in front of the smartboard, explaining some notes and reading thoroughly. It is likely for one to get bored with it. But classroom education must never to be just mind-numbing! Using game-based learning in the classroom helps students easily getting engaged in learning.

Ultimate Result Behind This

  • Improved retention of material
  • Increased student participation
  • Enjoyable learning environment

Let us have a look at how successful it is to use gamification in the classroom.

Advantages of Game-based Learning in School

Improved Recall Retention

Attitude is an important characteristic of a student to recall the material they learn. However, with classroom games, you can encourage creative thinking and will remember everything even after class.

Development of Problem-solving Skills

Good games help us develop essential problem-solving skills. It is an important skill which will serve them well in childhood as well as in their adulthood.

Instant Feedback

If you want to know whether a student has understood the lectures or not is to arrange a quiz for them. But students have got bored with quizzes. In this situation, classroom games not only improve students’ engagement but also interest them to give an instant reply.

But the Main Question is… How to Create It?

Schools apply many child-friendly educational instruments to foster self-learning. They follow a specific plan to create a game-based learning environment.

Have a Concrete Plan in Mind:

This sounds obvious but it’s true. Are they going to play everyday or once a week? But we have found that students who are eager to play classroom video games they ask for more homework. In this case, we can see that students take more interest in studies.

Decide on the Right Format:

With the availability of smartphones and other digital devices, visual games are becoming popular among children and teens. These are an obvious choice for classroom games but if it doesn’t work out then different class activities can be implemented to make them participate.

Assess the Effectiveness and Gather Feedback:

At the end of the day, you need to make sure the games you implement are helping the students. This will help you to make changes if needed and make it easier for the students to enjoy inside the classroom and learn better. 

Nearly everyone is playing outside the classroom-why not play inside the classroom too? After all, the goal of education is to remind the students that learning is fun and they should be excited to come to school.

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