Helping your child cope up with the exam stress

Helping your child cope up with the exam stress


Exam stress can be challenging, not only for the kids but also for the ones who live with them!

Worrying about exams!!

For many children, examinations are a nightmare. Children fear that they might disappoint their parents and lose the respect and love of their friends, teachers or elders if they do poorly in any of the subjects. So, faced with such pressure, stress is becoming increasingly common among young children.

Affecting a child’s life!!

Due to this tension or pressure, a child might perform poorly in their exams. They feel themselves to be under pressure which might result in anxiety or nervousness. It might also affect their daily life and make them feel like a failure at the end of the day.

So, as parents or teachers, it is the biggest challenge that exams are something which the child has to give on their own. But you can help them cope up the stress by understanding and supporting them during this tough time.

Exhale the stress and here you can read how?

Exams might be a challenging part of a school life for young children. But there are ways to ease the stress out.

1.Relax don’t stress!!

The first thing that anybody can do is to reduce the burden of the individual who is stressed.  Children have less experience in dealing with stress and may not be familiar with how to deal with it. So, parents or teachers must try to lower their stress by encouraging them to do well.

2.Taking regular breaks!!

Usually, children are restricted from sitting in front of the television, using their phones, or hanging out with friends when exams are near. It must not be done as sometimes interaction and recreation are essential for a child to relieve their stress out during their exams. But within a time limit!

3.Creating study schedule!!

Do not try to create a schedule and expect them to follow. Instead, let the child make their schedule and take an active part in following it. External rules and regulations might create additional pressure. So, give them their freedom by just guiding them whenever necessary.

4.Communication is important!!

A parent or a teacher must always show interest in the child’s studies by asking about their preparation. After each exam encourage them to talk about it. By having simple conversations and giving positive feedbacks will help in easing their stress.

 5.Eating healthy diet!!

A balanced diet is always important but it is vital for a child during exam time. It helps these young minds to not only feel better but stay more alert for revision or recalling their answers during the actual exams. Also, make them eat vegetarian dishes!

6.Good night’s sleep!!

Everybody knows that a good sleep during exams improves thinking and increases concentration. At least eight to ten hours sleep is a must! Revising all night before exams is also a bad idea. So, why not let them have a proper sleep than a few hours of last-minute study before the exam.

It’s time to be supportive!!

Once the exams get over, the child feels better and releases their stress out. But a parent or a teacher’s support must always be there to cope up from this. It will help a child learn better and can get excellent marks and pass with flying colours!

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