How can Teachers Develop a Culture of Questioning

Ways to Boost a Culture of Questing in Classroom


Asking questions evade the confusion that has captured our minds, and the same with students. Out of sudden fear of not knowing the proper language, how other students will react, hinders the interest of further queries. Here come certain strategies through which teachers can boost their attentiveness to questioning. At Father Leblond School, we are on the mission to provide everything that assists the highest growth of students. Considered the best ICSE school in Siliguri.

Ways to Boost a Culture of Questing in Classroom

The more we ask, the more we get to know. And this philosophy will work when the teachers will develop a setting where students can freely come forward with their doubts. Now, doubts arise not only from confusion but also from interests.

What are these techniques of teachers can apply

·       Empower students' confidence:

üwhen a student is a newbie in the class, everything seems puzzling to her/him. And the journey begins from the very first day. A teacher can simply start the class by introducing him/her to other students.

ü Teachers must work on their students listening and speaking capabilities. Before begin with the learning process ask them about

                                              I.          How they are doing

                                            II.          What did they do at home yesterday

                                          III.          Discuss on previous class in short

                    The main focus of all these is to enhance confidence by clearing out the confusion and creating a solid bond.

·       Apply Think and Reflect Technique:

·       Arrange an open question session, it aids in deep learning. Contains various facilities, for instance, increase thinking capabilities, enables students to present their opinions. Through this long session, students will get a wider chance to feed their intellect.

·       Ask what you’ve learned: this one works incredibly. Put them together - teach and ask. It will continue the process of thinking-learning habits. Allows them to interrogate more.

·       Make the connectivity easy:  language plays a crucial role in building stronger networks. But no need to master the language. teachers can make the way possible for the students, just by letting them connect however they want. That’s how the fear for a particular language will never slow down to talk of their interest.

Create a bond with each one of them: a class is a group of pupils, but interacting with each student individually is essential. It smoothens the paths of interlinking. They will feel free to come back to you with a bunch of questions, poping out their minds.

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