How does handwriting make an impact and describe the student?

How does handwriting make an impact and describe the student?


While jotting down a shopping list, writing a birthday card, all needs writing. So, it is important for our daily lives!

Handwriting is a skill which is necessary for both children and adults. In recent days, people are shifting from paper to electronic modes of communication. But, handwriting with pen and paper still has a vital role from an early childhood o the adult lives.

Let’s discuss how!

Importance of handwriting!!

Handwriting is an important element of childhood education. It is too far from just teaching children to put words to the page; handwriting drives growth across several cognitive areas- one of the largest areas being phonics.

It is the most essential tool used for taking notes, doing homework, taking tests, doing class work, and many other tasks. Therefore handwriting is an essential skill.

•Helps in brain development
•Good handwriting attracts good marks
•Improves writing skills
•Boosts confidence
•Helps in personality development
•Helps In getting a good job

Impact of handwriting on others!!

Good handwriting is a must other than just putting words on the page. To write a word, student must be able to tell it out loud so handwriting is necessary. There are other reasons which benefit young children having proper handwriting.

•Handwriting activates the brain because it involves motor and cognitive skills.
•It contributes to reading fluency and visual perception of letters
•It is a step towards success putting a positive impact on grades.
•It also helps students with dyslexia
•It allows the students to write in a flowing comfortable way
•It gives them confidence in their abilities

Similarly, for older children, it has some significant effects too!

•Assessments and examinations emphasize the importance of handwriting
•It can help a student in getting good marks
•It will increase a child’s self-esteem
•It will help them to read their work properly
•It affects both fluency and quality of the composition
•It will make a student a creative writer with good content
•It also improves attention, comprehension, and results

How does it differentiate!!

Handwriting reveals much more than a child might imagine. So, there are few handwriting styles which define a child better, like:

Size of letters and words!!

•Large letters
•Small letters

Slant writing!!

•No slant


•Heavy pressure
•Light pressure

Upper zone!!

•Looped alphabet
•Retraced alphabet

Lower zone!!


Connection of letters!!

•Connected words
•Not connected words

Dotted i’s!!

•Big dot
•Small dot

Crossed t’s!!

•Upper cross
•Middle cross

Why should one learn to handwrite!!

Handwriting aids in cognitive development, but it can be challenging to engage young minds. However, when children participate in a writing exercise they can use their minds flexibly while learning handwriting and spelling.

It also allows students to discover something new and create it themselves. This empowers them to become involved in their education, rather than engage in rote learning from the instructor.

So, writing is essential for every student as it helps them to learn better and make them a better person in the future to achieve great success!

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