How does Student Data help Inform the Teaching

How does Student Data help Inform the Teaching


We all know that formal and informal assessments provide a better insight into students’ progress, effective curriculum and teaching methods. Student data help a lot the teachers to teach better. Here you will know how.

However, there has been a push from the parents’ side of not allowing modern activities by which a teacher improves the authenticity of the data collected. They want more stress on studies and curriculum instead of analyzing the students.

So, one of the best ways is to encourage the parents by explaining to them how data from the different tests taken can improve teaching.

Collection of Student data!

While discussing data, it is important to note that there are different types of data to improve classroom teaching.

  • Standardized tests
  • Individual assessments
  • Summative and Formative assessments

Helping a teacher to teach better!

Here are some of the ways by which a teacher can improve his or her students’ learning.

Standardized Tests-Overall learning and knowledge

The data gathered from these tests can help the teachers of every level understand their students better. This also allows the teachers to understand the gap the students have with learning in the classroom.

Must also know!

  • Where they have to give extra time
  • Fix student skill gaps
  • Help them to arrange their classes

Individual assessments-Reveal a student’s needs

After checking standardized testing data, teachers must do individual assessments to encourage students’ performances. This data allows them to understand their students’ personalities, abilities, and even their learning styles.

Summative assessments- Classroom performance

For teachers, the most frequently used measure for learning is summative assessment. This data provides the teachers to know about their classroom performance. Hence it can help teachers to solve the problems coming in students’ learning.

Summative assessment- Improving classroom practice

If an entire class does poorly, the teacher might re-examine their teaching methods to see if the student gap is due to the failure of connecting students with the books. This motivates the teachers to revise or change some of their methods to make students understand properly.

Formative assessments- Immediate feedback on lesson plans

The final and the most important data set for teachers is through formative assessments. These are informal, quizzes or debate methods to measure a students’ learning immediately after the classroom activities. This process allows for a quick change in the study plan for the next class rather than forgetting it until the tests.

With these methods, the teachers can surely improve their teaching and build a bright future for a student!

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