The School keeps highly qualified, experienced and skilled teachers for imparting quality education to its students. In order to maintain the high standard of academics the school maintains a world-class teacher-student ratio of 1:6 so that each student is given individual care and attention. Weal students are given special attention through regular Remedial and Extra Coaching Classes in order to improve their grades.

Class rooms are well equipped with modern day teaching methods using the latest technology. All the classrooms have the latest Smart Class System installed for modern day teaching.

The School mobile application provides each parent with his or her child's academic information like Homework, Attendance, Teacher's Remarks, etc. The entire years academic progress of a student (including examination results) can be monitored through this application, by both, the teacher and the parent.

For smooth monitoring, the school has been divided into two wings: Junior Wing (Classes I-V) and Senior Wing (Classes Vi-XII). Respective heads are responsible to look after the Academic Development of the students in their wings. The Principal functions as an overall Academic Supervisor.

The Academic year has been divided into two semesters, from April to October and from November to March. Curriculum as per ICSE & ISC norms are followed.

During the first semester one Periodical Test and Half Yearly Examination are conducted and during the second semester one Periodical Test is conducted and the End of Term Examination is held. The Promotion of a student does not depend on the result of the Final Examination only. A method of continuous evaluation is followed.

1st Periodical Half Yearly 2nd Periodical Annual Exam Final Result
10% 30% 10% 50% 100%


Apart from the term examinations regular weekly tests named CAT (Continuous Assessment Test) are conducted for regular monitoring of the students progress.