How libraries help students to be toppers

How libraries help students to be toppers


A school that has a good library is always a step ahead in the game of knowledge. And a library becomes a gift only when it has the capacity to satisfy the students’ hunger for knowledge. Thus a good school always keeps its library up to date so that the students don’t ever lack the resource for better knowledge. One of the top icse school in Siliguri excels the most in the field of academics more than others. Academics which are the basic requirement of a school become very important as a student gets promoted to higher classes. Here in this article we are going to know about how libraries play a vital role behind producing toppers in school.

Why libraries if you already have textbooks?

Now the very first thing that might come to one’s mind after reading this question is that whether a student at all needs a library, because all that is there in the syllabus is already there in the textbooks. The basic answer to this question is that it is never a loss to know more.

Most of the subjects and topics that are explained in the textbooks are technically enough to score good marks in the exam but when a student reads more than what is there in the syllabus, he/she gains an upper hand than the rest of his/her classmates.

Another very important advantage of reading good books is that, the student gains the capacity to express or write better answers with the help of some extra knowledge that he/she gets by reading other books

This helps in building an opinion of their own which later in his life acts as an added advantage when the student sits for interviews and other competitive exams.

A top icse school in Siliguri produces students who excel academically in the class 10 and 12 board exams. They do it by providing these kids with extra knowledge about the required topics and helping them with some reference work.

As every teacher encourages the students to seek more and more information, the libraries become one of the most important places for a student in school. They get to know about all kind of subjects which becomes recreational for them and gives them a break from the monotonous syllabus that they have to study.

Thus the top icse school in Siliguri is surely going to have the best collection of books in its library.

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