How Teachers Can Use Social Media for Learning in School?

How Teachers Can Use Social Media for Learning in School?


The impact of digital marketing is helping and improving people to deal with every need and want. The world becomes so small by getting a variety of information collected from different sources with the touch of a finger. In the same the role played by social media is very much helpful for teachers to communicate with their students, also, to expand the networking, learning activities and classroom support. It bridges the gap between teachers and students. Here, we like to focus on this subject to make things clear and understandable. Let’s focus on the points that critically explain the use and importance of social media in making the learning session more interesting.

Role of Social Media for Learning in School

Support Outside the Classroom

Earlier, teaching is directly associated with the classroom and teachers put their teaching abilities within the time frame. Few minutes in the classroom is sometime not enough to clear the doubts of every student. The introduction of social media brings a needful change in the life of teachers and students. Nowadays, teachers can post information on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The student will find it easier to communicate with the innovative learning experience. Even after school, students can learn so many things by the information given on social media sites and can ask questions by posting comments below the post. It makes learning more interesting and less time-consuming. 

Flows Information and Important Updates  

Along with the learning, social media is beneficial for sharing updates regarding any changes in the academic calendar, examination schedule, urgent calling for extra classes or so on. Students will get the exact and valid information uploaded from the school authority on their official Facebook page or Twitter account. By sharing the post, students will also help in making the posts popular. So, everyone will get the information even by sitting on their home or while enjoying the summer vacation. It makes the things transparent and easy to pass on urgent information like class test, due assignments or weekend program.

Better Connectivity

Networking is undoubtedly the most helpful segment in the digital world. Teachers can develop a strong network with the students by communicating with them through different social media sites. On the other hand, networking is helpful for students of higher classes where they will make a profile on sites like Linkedin to get in touch with reputed companies and improve the chances of getting a job. Linkedin and Facebook help to build a better network and provide relevant information regarding the current happenings. Teachers can analyze the interest of students by going through the social media sites which in turn helps them to teach students according to their needs.

Social Credibility

Social media helps the education system to stay connected with a large number of students through Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms. Students will find this strategy easy and convenient to gather more valid information. Learning will become more relevant by sharing news and educational information in smart ways. Instead of listening to the boring lectures, students will watch videos and other posts which flows accurate information regarding any topic. This practice will build up a strong relationship between the school and students in a systematic manner. Videos and graphical posts flow the information in a better sense which keeps the students knowledgeable about the surroundings.

Welcome Parent Awareness

In between students and teachers, parents play a crucial role to shape the career of their child. Parents-teacher meeting will sort out some of the problems and is beneficial in improving the performance of students. Social media bridges the gap between teachers and parents as Facebook and Twitter involve everyone in the forum and educate the parents about the performance records of their child in academics. Necessary information shared by teachers can be seen by parents as well which make them aware of the on-going situation by making them responsible for polishing a student’s career.  Social media proves to be a relevant platform for educational support and positive communication.

Communication and transparency are needed in the field of education where teachers, students, and parents will build an effective network to frame out the things altogether. To find the best answers to solve out the problems arises during the educational structure, social media did a good job.

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