How to Cope up With Online Classes Effectively

How to Cope up With Online Classes Effectively


The current lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in the closing down of all schools and essential workplaces. It is the need of the hour as staying home and isolate is the only and best way to glorify in this battle against coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread by coming in contact with an infected person’s sneeze droplets directly or by hand. Everyone is advised to avoid touching their mouth, nose and eyes as these can highly spread the infection. The condition starts from as normal as a common cold and can end up in severe problems of the respiratory tract. Keeping yourself sanitized and isolated as much as you can is the best possible way. The more we take care, the earlier the epidemic will eradicate. However, due to complete lockdown, the schools in Siliguri could be facing a lag in their courses, but with the advancing technology and the developed internet software, social distance is no more a problem. Online classes are covering up for the loss and keeping up the students active in their quarantine period.

Tips for online classes for the students

If you are not being able to adjust with the online schooling, do not feel distressed. It is quite natural. You do not have the habit. Therefore, here are some tips that could ease the process of online learning and make your days effective. Most of the schools in Siliguri have incorporated the online scheme in this crisis as a support and contribution to saving the world from the novel coronavirus

Do not change your routine and mindset

The most important thing is not creating a mindset that online classes mean you will not have to get up early and follow the routine. Make sure, you are still going to bed early and waking up early, getting ready and eating your breakfast before you actually sit for the classes. Do not get up in the middle of a class, you might lose the track.

Actively participate

Actively participate

There are many portals to help you interact with the teacher and you must ask and talk in case of any doubt. Make proper notes.

The place of your house

Although it might not seem that important, you need a designated study area free of any distractions.

Complete your tasks just like in school

You will be checked virtually for your homework. Indulge in the tasks and projects with punctuality. It will keep you effectively involved.

The schools in Siliguri have been running the online classes very smoothly. Manage your internet and a machine, listen to the teacher, keep taking short breaks if you feel tired in front of the screen and do not miss the classes. You will not feel any different from physical schooling.

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