How to Enhance Memory to Score Better in Examinations!

How to Enhance Memory to Score Better in Examinations!


Exam! Sounds like a ghost is a student’s life.

Whenever exams are there, students go through the pressure of doing well and memorizing the notes they have collected the whole year. The season of the exam has arrived and is the time when students have to score with flying colors. So, why not start preparing from now on!

Memorization is a must!

Do you want to improve your memory? Everyone wants to!

Especially before an exam, there is too much to study in too little time. But it’s not just the time issue or the number of notes and books to learn. It is the problem of memory!

Forgetting is the most common phenomena which occur during exams due to which many students suffer a lot. The brain just can’t memorize no matter how many times you try to repeat them.

So, not to worry more as we are here to help you to enhance your memory to help you with your studies!

Tips to improve memory!!

Are assessment books done? Check. Are previous-year exams papers revised? Check. Now your kid is all set for the exams. Not so fast. Here is what needs to be done to get them to memorize, energized, and motivated during their exams.

1.Healthy eater!

‘Eating right during exams is very important.’

With the pressure building up each day before your exams, the biggest blunder you might do is not eating proper food. Eating food regularly is not only essential for healthy mind and body balance, but a good diet can also help you in increasing your concentration power and you must avoid junk foods.

Healthy foods!

•Green vegetable
•Dry fruits
•Sprouted Grains
•Fresh fruits

2.Meditating regularly!

‘Meditation increases the concentration and soothes the pre-exam jitters.’

Meditation is the most useful method which not only increases your concentration but also pays off well all your hard work and preparation. If this is done daily for 10 to 15 minutes early morning, a child would witness a considerable hike in their memory.

Method to do!

•Keep your face upward
•Palms open keeping in the lap
•Breathe Gently

3.Arranging notes!

‘An organized study and notes can help a lot during exams.’

A clustered study space can never help in a clear flow of thoughts. It is very common that how at this point a child goes through every book and a bunch of notes for the best preparation. But taking out some time to organize the notes and printouts in order before the exams will help a lot.

4.Taking Breaks!

‘Preventing the brain from reaching a saturation point by taking leisure breaks.’

This might sound weird that if a child revises the answers even when they are sitting idle. But this is crucial as the brain goes to a point of the constant study that a child keeps murmuring their answers. So, to process new information, taking regular breaks is a must.

How to freshen the mind!

•Playing with other kids
•Watching TV
•Reading story books

5.Adequate Sleep!

‘Release the stress during exams with a good night’s sleep.’

Like machines need some rest to refuel them similarly brain needs rest too. If a child is stressed or worried during their exam, it might harm their sleep. As a child’s brain is too young to remember studies a good sleep is must to gather all the studies correctly.

Education is the most crucial aspect of a child’s life and success and failure are always in store. So, work hard, eat healthily and score well!

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