How to Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style

How to Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style


Have your child’s school days begun? Are you concerned and doubtful if your child does not find his courses interesting? Do not worry! There are many new and creative ways to learn about what excites your child. Every child is special and there are different ways to bring out the specialty of your little one. Let us discover the methods to understand what is your child’s learning style and in what way he/she can absorb the most. According to educational experts, if the base or foundation is strong, then the built will always remain strong in the future. Similarly, your child’s future also depends on the right education at the primary level. The best boarding school in Siliguri debunks the facts and ways to recognize your child’s learning style.

Classifying the type of learners

There are different kinds of learners namely visual, auditory, verbal or written. While the process and style of learning can differ in all these children, but the goal is the same. The motive is to incorporate knowledge in creative and innovative manners. In the present day, with the introduction of tutorials and e-learning, finding these methods has become easier.

What is your child and how to introduce the learning style?

The best boarding school in Siliguri explains how can you identify your child’s learning style and how to help them. Identifying your child helps to bring out the best of knowledge with him/her

Visual Learner

Some people are really visual, they create pictures when you tell them something, generally good at art activities and very interested in the colors and objects around them.

The best way to encourage learning in them by citing examples, using different colors to make notes for them, make use of diagrams and illustrations as a part of their studying.

The aural learner

If you notice that your child shows interest in activities like singing and usually sings while doing his/her studies, likes conversing with people is asking a lot of questions prior to a task, then the chances are likely that he/she is an auditory learner.

Talking and interacting is the best way to introduce learning. Recite the topics loud and teach them through stories or poems.

Reader or writer

You notice that your child has a habit of jotting things down or reading books or functions best at alone, then he or she can learn through the reading or writing style.

Make them write the notes and then ask them to read it and make an organized way of teaching.

There are several other ways like some learn with good with tests, analyze your child and help them accordingly. The best boarding school in Siliguri follows this pattern of teaching the kids.

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