How to teach your children to make friends without phones

How to teach your children to make friends without phones


Kids have gone a step ahead of demanding or using their own mobile phones after the gaming stations and music systems.

Mobile phones are no more a commodity restricted for the use of the adults but a mobile phone is a commodity which needs to be handled with care and responsibility. The only advantage of a mobile phone is safety, that they can call during an emergency anywhere on the roads where they are in need of help.

What are the children missing out while using mobile phones?

Due to the usage of mobile phones, a child is missing out its childhood or teenage life slowly when they used to play with toys and real stuff. But nowadays a child is slowly and steadily getting addicted to their mobile phones.

As an effect of this, they are slowly losing their speaking skills by talking less. Their health is getting deprived, and they might even lose their sleep. They will forget the realness of life and will not be able to enjoy the real life outside their phones. It will also harm them mentally and will hamper their academics to a great extent.

Where is this leading to…

To know about the disadvantages of mobile phones, there are many for which it is not necessary to give the child a mobile phone. Having a mobile phone may lead the child to the wrong paths and it can be misused in many ways. It is a good thought of giving mobile phones to kids for their safety but giving it at an early age might make them addicted to mobile phones with constant messaging, games and other uses.

Some harmful effects of using mobile phones:

It might also harm their health as it is said that excessive use of mobile phones leads to many health problems. There are many other major effects for using phones upon the children.

  • Affects your immunity status
  • Increase risk of chronic pains
  • Vision problem
  • Affects your emotions
  • Increases the stress level
  • Harms academic performance

That is why it is very important for parents to give a deep thought before giving their children mobile phones.

How to help children make friends without phones?

It is not appropriate to make friends with phones. If a child uses a phone all the time it will become very difficult for them to socialize and they will not have any friends especially in the early childhood days.

It is necessary to play a big role of the parents and the teachers to make kids talk with their classmates or neighborhood kids to make them enjoy the essence of childhood life.

  • Be an emotional coach:

Everybody has negative emotions and selfish impulses but to make friends kids must keep these responses under control will help the kids in talking to people and sharing the belongings or any other help when their friends are in need.

  • Teach kids to talk in a politely:

The earliest lessons of communication start at home which seems to make a difference in a great way. It has shown that a child with proper communication has developed social competence and better negotiation skills. They can also be taught about the aspects of making friends by improving their speaking and listening skills.

  • Monitoring kids’ social life:

It is suggested that kids’ social activities are monitored well only by their parents at home. They can take turns and practice some social activities to increase their social ability to make friends easily. A child must always be around a good social behavior environment which will help them to build confidence in making friends easily at school or anywhere in the society.

The bottom line:

There is not a correct age for a child or teenager to get a mobile phone but buying it depends on various factors. However, parents must be well-aware or give a thought before fulfilling their demand of giving an adult device in the future.

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