How to welcome a new kid at a new School

How to welcome a new kid at a new School


“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image”

One day you enter your classroom at school.  You find a new boy or girl sitting there.

How do students welcome the new student?

  • Reluctant to talk to him
  • Hesitant before including him in anything
  • Not doing class works together
  • Not eating lunch together

How should they actually be welcomed?

  • Talk in a welcoming manner.
  • Include him in everything.
  • Do class works together.
  • Eat lunch together.

Whatever you do show your own trait of behavior. Your manners, your upbringing, your knowledge is completely depicted through your behavior.

Therefore, be good with your new schoolmates or classmates.

Here are 5 tips to be welcoming to the new member at school:

  1. Warm greetings:

When someone is new in class or school, he or she might feel a bit out of place and awkward. Do not let them feel it for too long.

When you enter the class or school, greet them with a sweet smile.

Allow them to be comfortable and calm. Whenever you talk to them, talk well and never make fun of them.

  • Try to know them:

As you talk to them, slowly try to know them. Know how they are, what they like and what they fear. Some students are very shy and some are very friendly. These are their character traits.

If you hurt them without knowing them, they might feel irritated and uncomfortable. Never behave badly with the new students’ everyone has their own mind.

  • Listen to them and talk less about yourself:

Whenever you talk to them, always try to listen to them. Do not continuously chatter about your own self. This will not help you know them.

Especially during the lunchtime, sit with them to have your lunch and talk to them. Know them properly and then behave with them good.

  • Help the student get a friendly atmosphere:

A new student in a class has so many questions in mind. Moreover, he/ she are afraid of whether they will get good friends or not. It is totally upon you, either you irritate them or be friends with them.

Try to help that new student sit beside you or good friends of you. Be friendly with them and if possible share your food with them. This will help them be more comfortable.

  • Help them with homework:

A new student at class may come to the midterm. He/ she may not know what is going on in the class or what the homework is.

It is your duty to help them know about the class task and the homework especially. If you see them struggling with their task. Help them out instead of criticizing them. 

Your duty:

It is your duty as well as responsibility to take care of the new student in school or class. Help them get a better experience at school. Never demoralize them.

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