Introduction of value education for higher education in ICSE schools

Introduction of value education for higher education in ICSE schools


We all know that value education is the process through which people give moral values to others. But what is the real meaning behind that?

Value education is…

The very purpose and meaning of value education is the development of an all-round development of personality of the students.

Also, develop a dimension so that the children can help in developing our nation into a better democratic country for the future. But nowadays, education is more focused on knowledge-based and information-oriented which gives more concern only on the intellectual development of the child.

But how is it important for higher education:

We have learned about value education in lower and middle classes but it is way more important to have this as a subject for higher education in every ICSE schools in Siliguri.

The main aim for the students is not only to understand the values but also to show or keep them blended with their attributes and behavior. There are also other contributions to make society teach good citizenship and ethics. They are:

  • Moral education also teaches us essential moral values
  • Character education aims to teach friendship, fairness, attitudes, and behavior of the students

Now we come to the objectives of value education:

Previously the objectives of value education were based on religion and philosophy. But in the recent world, this has been taken as a very essential part of education.

So, here are some of the objectives which must be included in the schools in Siliguri.

  • Development in the child’s personality
  • Inculcation of good manners, responsible and cooperative citizenship
  • Development of respect for both individual and society
  • Development of democratic thinking and living
  • Developing a sense of brotherhood
  • Getting clarified completely with the meaning of value education

Why is value education essential for higher education?

Value education is a much-debated concern in the part of education in India as it is given more importance in lower and middle schools rather than in higher education.

It is rightly said that young minds are much more eligible in instilling moral values than matured minds. But after seeing the problems of socio and economic challenges the necessity of imparting value education to has become important nowadays for all school levels.

And this must also be included as a subject in the best boarding school in Siliguri to inculcate within the students the moral values, ethics and impart a better education for students to shine brightly in future.

Schools must impart the necessary values to the students

It is a must for every school to impart necessary values through education to its students. This will give a telling effect on society. Moreover, if proper education is given then there will be peace in the whole world and make a better nation. Knowledge is not just facts but the lessons that helps you distinguish the right from the wrong. This is what a complete education would probably mean which can be achieved through value education.

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