Is boarding school good for your children?

Is boarding school good for your children?


Here are some common emotions that children may feel about being sent to boarding school:


Some children may feel excited about the opportunity to live away from home, make new friends, and experience new things. They may look forward to the academic and extracurricular activities that boarding school can offer and see it as a chance to grow and mature.


Children who are naturally anxious may feel overwhelmed by the thought of living away from their families and adjusting to a new environment. They may worry about making new friends, fitting in, and keeping up with their academic work. Parents can help alleviate this anxiety by involving their children in the decision-making process and visiting the school together before making a final decision.


For some children, being away from their families can be a difficult and emotional experience. They may miss the comforts of home, such as their own bed, their favorite foods, and their pets. Parents can help ease homesickness by sending care packages, making regular phone calls, and planning visits to the school.


Children who feel that they have been sent away to the best boarding school as a punishment or because their parents don't want them may feel abandoned and unloved. It is important for parents to reassure their children that they are loved and valued and that the decision to send them to boarding school was made in their best interest.


Boarding school can be a lonely experience for some children, especially if they have difficulty making friends or adjusting to a new social environment. Parents can help their children build social skills and resilience by encouraging them to participate in extracurricular activities and by fostering a positive attitude toward change.


Children who are resentful about being sent to boarding school may feel angry and frustrated. They may feel that they are being denied the opportunity to live with their families and participate in everyday family life. Parents can help alleviate this anger by explaining their reasons for sending their children to boarding school and by involving their children in the decision-making process.

Sense of achievement

Some children may feel a sense of pride and achievement at being selected for boarding school. They may see it as a reflection of their academic or athletic ability and feel motivated to succeed. Parents can help reinforce this positive attitude by praising their children's efforts and achievements.

In conclusion, children's feelings about being sent to boarding school in Siliguri can be complex and varied. Parents can help their children adjust to this new experience by involving them in the decision-making process, staying in regular contact, and providing emotional support. Ultimately, the success of the boarding school experience will depend on the child's individual temperament and circumstances, as well as the quality of the school environment and the relationships that they form with peers and staff.


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