Know about the importance of having academic libraries in Schools

Know about the importance of having academic libraries in Schools


‘To increase the knowledge of the students and to provide them information school libraries are a must.’

A library is the heart of a school’s academic activities. It can be accessed within a school by the staff members, students and often by the teachers. It is an essential source of knowledge for the young minds in the school. It also develops the habit of reading among the students.

So, every ICSE boarding school in Siliguri should have a library!

Role played by books!!

If there will be no books then there will be no sign of libraries. So why not let us know about the importance of reading books!

From the moment a child starts going to school, the teachers and even the parents begin teaching them through books. It is true that a child is taught to read to comprehend or communicate better. However, the benefits go far beyond that.

•Books make a child better communicator
•Books educate a child in a better way
•Books provide a healthy brain
•Books reduce stress
•Books motivate a student
•Also, books stimulate creativity

So, the more we read the more we understand the world around us!

Libraries and teachers work together!!

‘School librarians and teachers are a perfect team to meet the students’ needs.’

When the teachers meet the librarians, they are three times more knowledgeable to increase their teaching level a step higher. Similarly, the more time the librarians cooperate with the teachers, the more they can promote teaching methods or information to the teachers. In turn, the students score higher marks.

Nowadays many things are said about libraries and it might not have been so popular but if it works with the teachers then it can enrich their curriculum with online resources through computers and new books.

‘And it is true that libraries are here to stay and no school can afford to lose it!’

Importance of libraries in schools!!

We all know that school libraries are the storehouse of knowledge. Students can find books on various subjects. It also exhibits a positive impact on the academic achievement of the students. But the primary importance lies behind it is must to know.

•School library supports the students in their studies
•Students can borrow books to home for studying
•Students can get reference books
•School library broadens the minds of the students
•Library offers a peaceful environment to the students for study
•The library helps the students develop their literary skills
•The academic magazines and periodicals keep the students aware of the outside world
•The library opens a world of wisdom for the student
•The library promotes in building a knowledgeable community

Beneficial to the students!!

A library is not only the house or room of learning but also an excellent place to spend one’s leisure time. Books provide us with the best company when we sit idle, feel bored or stay alone. But how does it help students? Let’s see that!

•Library develops an interest among the students about the subjects
•It exposes a student to their culture as well as makes him aware of other cultures too
•Introduces students to new, thoughts, ideas, and offers the latest knowledge
•Besides textbooks, it provides students with study material and extra learning
•It develops desirable study habits in students
•It also promotes individual and group learning
•It helps in developing a student’s vocabulary
•Also, develops the habit of silent learning
•Finally, develops problem-solving attitude among the students

So does your school have a library? If yes then do make the best use of it to enhance your knowledge at a higher level for a better future.

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