Post-Holiday Classroom Activities

Post-Holiday Classroom Activities


As many of you are getting ready to come back from break, there will be mix feelings. You have surely enjoyed a wonderful free time with your family and friends and are not at all ready to see that fun and excitement come to an end. Returning from break is difficult both for the teachers and students. Different types of classroom activities will make both of you happy.

After a week of different routines and free time, now it is time to return to school!

Impact of holiday breaks!

Holiday breaks provide a major distraction to the students no matter what age they are. It gives a long break from their studies and classroom routines. After a break, it is likely that the students return to the classroom feeling lazy and they are hence not prepared to start studying.

So good planning is needed so as not to break the students’ focus!

Start fresh!

As always, preparation is very important so as the students do not lose their interest in studying. You can give them projects to do before they leave for vacation. This way the students will not forget what they have studied before the vacation. Hence after a break, you can start with new chapters!

Re-engage students after the break!

To help your students regain this energy, here are a few ways to begin with their school routines.

Quiz bowl:

A fun game with a little bit of competition is a great way to get those brains to work again! By asking questions you can observe how much a student remembers from the previous classes. Whichever way you choose, students will enjoy the opportunity of participating.

First-day hunt:

If you want your students to relief the stress of post-holiday class you can arrange a hunt day. Hide some books or stuff to make the students find them around the school campus. As a result, it will lighten the mood and also release the pressure after the break.

Act it out:

Get the creativity continued and add a bit of humor in a class by letting the students act out on a topic recently taught. Acting is a relaxing and funny way to minimize pressure. You and your students will have a good laugh and learn new things.

Brain teasers:

This one challenges a child’s brain! Create a scavenger hunt or brain teaser for them to solve. Develop three or more clues to figure out what they will be studying next. This will make them think more and increase their level of concentration.

Writing practice:

Some writings are creative and offer calmness within the child. This can be arranged at the end of the first day. Do not provide difficult topics but allow them to write about their holiday experience. This will help the students to bring themselves back on the skills of writing.

Hopefully, these post-holiday classroom activities might help you end your first week after a break and enjoy a happy time with your students!

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