Responsible Children Equals to Responsible Citizens

Responsible Children Equals to Responsible Citizens


We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.’- says George Bernard Shaw.

Responsibility being an ideal Citizen-

The term ‘Responsible citizens’ means, they must show the responsibility toward his/her nation. As a responsible citizen, they should participate in activities that make their world a better place.

Role of Children as a Responsible Citizen –

Loving discipline encourages a child to respect other people and live as a responsible, constructive citizen.’- says James Dobson.

Every parent dreams of their children grow up to be respectful and responsible citizens who contribute to the good of society. They want that their child must be taught to tie their shoes, read and write, and solve math problems, and so on. And with the learning all the basic things, children are capable to develop qualities of character which are valued by their families and the communities also in which they live.

Be a Role Model for Your Child-

According to research, children take values seriously only when they see that their parents respect those particular acts in accordance with the values. Parents, as well as the community, particularly the schools, are equally important to reinforce the values into a child.

A Step forward to Your Child’s bright future-

To be a responsible citizen, the main criterion which must be present in a person is that having the patience and sticking to something.

What to do with your child-

  1. Let your child see your patience when you are doing a new or difficult task. Or when you are going through life’s everyday frustrations, such as heavy traffic, work pressure, etc.
  2. Use a timer as you and your child work at a difficult task. It is noted that you should start with a small increment of time for your young child. This activity will help to build perseverance in your child.
  3. Raise your children with the knowledge of how to set priorities. Just for an example, your child can be taught to complete homework before watching television.
  4. Make a game out of doing hard tasks like who can break the record for washing the most windows? Or who can fill the water bottles first?

Secondly, Talk With Their Teachers & Schools-

Schools are considered to be the second home for every child, where your child will get knowledge and the correct education for living a life faithfully.

Here, we are giving you some suggestions about the ways in which you can work with your child’s teachers as well as other school officials for your child’s future:-

  • You should visit with your child’s teachers and discuss with them what type of person you want your child to become.
  • If the school has a character education program, ask for a description of the curriculum and talk with other teachers on how you can emphasize the lessons at home.
  • Be alert and communicate with teachers when the school is giving your children conflicting messages about values. For example, some teachers may expect that a child come prepared to every class with all the materials needed for that day’s work and others may allow the child to borrow from others and sit next to each other or sit in class without materials.

Children are our most valuable resources-

Every good citizen makes his country’s honor his own and cherishes it not only as precious but as sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and is conscious that he gains protection while he gives it.’- says Andrew Jackson

Every child is the future for his/her nation. They are just like seeds of a plant, which needs care, love, attention, and guidance to grow properly. So, it is our duty to guide them with all positive thoughts for making them an ideal human being. And an ideal human being can only be a responsible citizen.

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