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How schools in Darjeeling help in character building

To succeed in the long race, morale plays an equal role as academics. Character building is the structural development of moral values and personal growth in the aspects of behavior. The present education system focuses on the overall development of its children like the schools in Darjeeling have introduced different activities in their curriculum to expand the character building and well-being of students. It teaches us that education is beyond books. It is also about ethics, civilized approach and emotional growth. It is the actual way of incorporating life skills in the kids.

Why is character-building so important?

A good character building encourages the students to face all the hurdles of life with wit and a sense of calm.  It helps them to obtain new perspectives and naturally builds their personality with a positive aura. The schools in Darjeeling have not only emphasized on mere incorporation but also ensuring the active implantation with regular practice and tests.

How do schools in Darjeeling ensure a quality character education

The schools in Darjeeling have a smart approach to character education. It is effortlessly introduced in the normal classes.

Ensuring everybody pays attention

Making sure that the students are attentive during the classes help them to become better listeners. The teachers make innovative lectures that lead to student-teacher interaction. Being a better listener helps the children to maintain their calm in situations of panic.

Addressing problems now and then

This does not mean the teachers are rude and impolite. Addressing and confronting the children with their mistakes makes them diligent and responsive.

Appreciating for good work

Addressing not only their problems, acknowledge their good work can boost their confidence and develops the will to maintain consistency.

Encouraging teamwork within the class

The concept of group projects and activities is to incorporate team spirit within the students. Teamwork teaches the kids how to be patient, help each other and develops a sense of understanding among them.

Two sides of a story

Every lesson and every topic has a morale side attached to it. Along with the course knowledge, schools in Darjeeling inculcate the ethical thoughts related to the chapter. Activities like essay writing or storytelling on life values enhance their character.

The morning starts with God

Morning assemblies begin with the spiritual awakening and prayers of God. This keeps the children grounded and connected to God. This also ensures their mental well-being, which is the need of the hour.

Pushing them from their comfort zone

Despite recognizing the comfort of the student, teachers give challenging tasks to enforce hard work and self-confidence.

The pillars of character building are also the foundation of a happy and successful career. Let us work towards a future filled with strong inspirations.