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Getting admission in a heritage school in Darjeeling is the dream of many parents as schools in Darjeeling are more advanced in providing education and shaping the career of students. Father Leblond School is one of the popular school in Darjeeling that provide quality education along with co-curricular activities. The school is located in the midst of beautiful tea gardens and Himalayan ranges and hire world-class teachers for close monitoring and extra care. Finding such a school will help students to develop their overall performance with the chance of learning more experiences by getting engaging in several other activities.

Education is responsible for social changes and transforming this world into a better place. Education is not about scoring higher marks in the academics but actually it shapes the mind towards customs, beliefs, laws and principles that improve the personality. This school defines education in a simpler way where promoting empowerment and ensuring overall development of a child is referred to as a process of continuous learning. Education can be better used for the upliftment of society and considered to be an effective tool for spreading awareness along with definite progress. Taking admission in Darjeeling school can help the students in nearby areas to shape their career and learning intellectual skills.

Students of a convent school in Darjeeling are more disciplined

Father Leblond school build up a better relationship with the students but at the same time, the school management also maintains strictness in compare to other schools. Strictness is necessary to make the students disciplined and punctual in their academic life as well as in managing daily life. Discipline plays a great role in the education system as the students ingrained with disciplinary values will justify the importance of time in their life.

Schools in Darjeeling helping students be disciplined

Doing things at the right is more important than finishing it for the sake of responsibility. Convent school in Darjeeling point out every small thing like the dress code, haircut, and cleanliness to make the student disciplined in finding the difference. Such measures and strict actions will finally improve their overall personality and turn the students into better people. The teachers are experienced enough in clarifying the doubts and monitoring the development in every student with respect to their self-discipline.

Superior English Skills

Almost all the schools in Darjeeling focuses more on the English skills but Father Leblond School are more rigid with the development of their students towards English-speaking skills. The school authority does not allow the students to communicate with any other language within the school premises. Such an initiative is taken to develop the vocabulary skill within the students. It helps every student to come out with better speaking power and in turn shape their personality towards a better future. Teachers will remain focused on the proper use of grammar to add more confidence in the students while speaking English. They remain strict while checking the answer sheets and take away the marks for silly spelling mistakes. Naturally, such initiative taken by the school management will make the students superior in written and verbal English skills.

Superior English Skills

The curriculum includes value education

Father Leblond School add more meaning to their educational structure and the introduction of value education is the greatest example of such development. This type of education is considered as a part of the normal curriculum where the subjects hold equal importance as any other conventional subjects in academics. Getting admission in Darjeeling school is indeed beneficial for your child because such effective classes will add more good values among the bright students and give them a chance to visualize and understand the world in better terms. They will start learning the techniques to solve the real-world difficulties and knowing the importance of empathy, kindness, honesty, truthfulness, and caring about others without looking for any personal benefits. The unique way of education can be found at the schools in Darjeeling where more priority is given towards the overall development of the student.

Curriculum Includes Value Education

Father Leblond School can be the medium of shaping the career of your child through various activities and educational program initiated by the convent school in Darjeeling. Make an enquiry by going through the admission guidelines to complete the process of online registration.


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