Showing Children the Importance of Integrity

Showing Children the Importance of Integrity


It is important to create a brief knowledge about integrity among every child for their bright as well as successful life.

Integrity – The integral essence of values

Integrity is the ability by which you can learn to act with the values, beliefs, and moral principles. The word ‘Integrity’ derived from the Latin word ‘Integer’, which means wholeness or completeness. In a single word, integrity is a collection of honesty, courage, honor, respect, responsibility, restraint, and authenticity.

Importance of Integrity for Your Child’s Bright Future:

During your child’s growing up years, success is often defined by academic scores and extra-curricular accomplishments. Integrity allows them to take the right decision for the future life. Knowing the importance of integrity, your child can develop academic honesty to their moral vocabulary, they will also learn to respond appropriately to cheating, they will use meaningful quotes, and it also inspires them to believe in themselves.

Integrity- The Basis of Social Harmony and Action:

It is well known that children are not born with integrity which we associate with it such as honesty, respect, authenticity, social responsibility, unity and also the courage that they should stand up for what they believe is right. So, it is the duty of parents as well as their schools to teach them in an easy manner. In many schools, the environment helps your child to acquire these values and behaviors from their teachers. By learning the integrity in the classroom, it is influenced as well as teaches your child to apply similar principles to other aspects of their lives.

4 Ways to Increase your child Integrity in Classroom:

There are several ways to increase a child’s integrity in the Classroom. Here, we will discuss top 4 ways that will definitely increase the child’s integrity:

1. Impart integrity into the classroom environment-

It is important to maintain the integrity in the classroom by Teachers. Naturally, Teachers gives priority to those children who get high grades in an exam and hence the lower grades’ children take the way of cheating to increase their marks. If the school also rewarded the children for their courage, hard work, determination, and respect for classmates, then the children soon learn the importance of integrity.

2. Classroom develop a moral vocabulary in a child’s mind-

In every classroom, teachers should focus about 5 values of integrity, which are Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Trustworthiness, and Honesty. Those above-mentioned values must be incorporated into the extra-curriculum activities which help every help students use the vocabulary to discuss a variety of historical topics and current events.

3. Use meaningful quotes in the classroom during teaching session:

In every school’s classroom, famous quotes should be used during teaching session as conversation starters which helps every child to learn about integrity as well as the moral development, and also other attitudes that which leads to developing respectful relationships with others. Quotes in the form of essay-writing projects for every age group must be assigned by the teachers for the child development.

4. It Helps children to increase believe in themselves:

By knowing the importance of integrity, your child will learn to stand up for principles in which they believe have high degrees of self-efficacy. Integrity increases the esteemed level of belief as well as self-confidence in your child’s mind. And it will make your child an ideal human being and gives the proper meaning of spending a new way of life.

Integrity, the key to your child’s successful life-

With the help of the above-mentioned ways of raising integrity, your child will get successful as well as a bright future, which leads your child to make an ideal human being. There are many schools in Siliguri which will take the initiative to brighten the future of a child’s life by offering all the facilities as well as the extracurricular activities.

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