The essential benefits of having a smart classroom in ICSE schools

The essential benefits of having a smart classroom in ICSE schools


Smart classes are meant to head towards a technological educational system that the modern world is aiming for.

Smart class education- The smartest way of learning

Smart classes are the modern way of learning. It helps in making young minds learn better. Keeping this in mind, the education sector has now started implementing visual learning in the form of ‘Smart Education’ in the ICSE schools of Siliguri. The smart class brings about a complete transformation in the classes. The teachers are able to gain complete attention and it also increases the interest of the child in learning quickly about the topics taught in the class.

Equipments based categorization of smart classes:

Smart classrooms are enhanced with technical equipments for the purpose of better learning and teaching in class. Based on the equipments smart class can be categorized as follows:

Basic smart classes:

The classrooms with basic smart classes include technologies like laptops or computers, projector, digital equipments and a viewing screen which are normally used by the schools to teach the students during a project-making or for some recreation activity in school.

Intermediate smart classes:

The intermediate smart classes are one step ahead of basic smart classes. They have gadgets like a smart podium with control panel along with laptop or computer, projector and the use of digital technology to understand the concepts in a better way.

Advanced smart classes:

The advanced smart classes have all the equipments of basic and intermediate smart classrooms but with advanced features, so they use the newest technologies with some good results that smart classes have had over traditional learning.

 The effectiveness of smart class for the betterment of the students:

The most important reason behind having a smart class in schools is the increase in the ability to learn for the students. But, there are other few reasons for which it is most effective for a child’s education:

  • It improves the teachers’ effectiveness and productivity in class.
  • It brings different curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
  • Makes learning a fun experience for students.
  • It improves the academics of the students.
  • It also enables teachers to quickly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by the students.

Why smart class education in schools?

Smart learning is the use of visual aids like videos to deliver educational content to increase the child’s interest and regain it for longer periods. There are a few more benefits of smart class education for a better learning:

1-Flexibility in learning:

A lot of things happen on the smart board where children can study in different forms of media. They get to see photos, maps, videos and graphs which help them to learn effectively and retain more information.

2- Gives motivation to the students:

This new way of learning builds a student’s interest in a specific subject. The different visualizations take the students to a world of imagination which helps them to develop their interest as well as motivate them to learn more.

3- Connects well with more interaction:

Smart classes provide an interactive atmosphere between the teachers and the students. This helps in building a connection so that students can easily understand or express through teaching, writing and drawing.

4-Early maintenance:

As all the tools of smart classes are electronic, so, it will be easy and neat to use. Digitalized pen or tool is being used instead of markers and chalks. The smart boards just need good surveillance and have very low maintenance.

5- Cost Benefits:

Smart learning can teach many people without buying expensive implements and study related materials. It is a one-time expense but it can possibly serve for a long time.

6- Saving Documents:

The notes written by the teachers can be saved for later use. This is beneficial for the students who might have missed classes and it can also be accessed online for studying or noting it down later.

A purposeful learning that focuses on the whole of the child’s mind, body and soul!!

The main purpose of the smart classes is to increase the students’ interest in their studies. They tend to learn more and this is why it is considered good for the students. Moreover, the inventions of smart classrooms would definitely improve the teaching and learning. Like the Schools in Darjeeling, Siliguri should also have access to smart classrooms in each and every school for smart education.

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