The importance of physical education for the students in the Schools of Siliguri

The importance of physical education for the students in the Schools of Siliguri


For the development of mental and physical fitness among the students, every school in Siliguri must have physical education classes to improve a child’s life.

Physical Education

Physical education is the implementation of physical activities in the school curriculum. Its goal is to improve student’s health and teaches them to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. Physical education helps the students to develop their skills, knowledge, values, and attitudes needed to lead a healthy life which is also helpful to them while facing any challenges.

The Need for physical education

Physical education forms an important part of modern education. Every school must have a playground for students to engage themselves after their classes in various sports. Physical education energizes a child’s mind and body. So physical education is needed in schools in Siliguri to increase a child’s mental power and ability to stay fit and healthy.

Importance of physical education

The physical education not only means about having a sound health but is also concerned about various other aspects of the personality of any individual. It helps in improving a person’s health, thinking ability and various activities which will help them to be strong, intelligent and healthy. Here are few points of the importance of physical education in schools:

  • Regular Fitness Activity

To lead a healthy lifestyle regular fitness is an essential component in a human body. The physical activities help them to maintain fitness, develop muscular strength and improve cardiovascular health. It also improves absorption of nutrients, digestive and physiological processes.

  • Builds self-confidence

Physical education provides a positive influence on the student’s personality and character. In addition, the teamwork also enhances communication skills and cooperates with various students of various ethnic backgrounds.

  • Develops motor skills

Physical education is essential to develop motor skills and body movements. The coordination of hands, eyes, and gives a healthy body posture.

  • Health and Nutrition

Physical education teaches the students the importance of physical health. This education helps the students in getting knowledge about eating good food and having a healthy nutrition.

  • Relieving stress

In school students have to do a lot of homework, assignments and lots of study so it is essential to involve the students in curricular activities or other forms of physical fitness to relieve stress.

The schools in Siliguri must have physical education as a subject so that the students can have knowledge about being physically fit and mentally strong. They can also be indulged in various sports and activities to improve their lifestyle. They can keep their body active and it will help them in leading a healthy life later in the future.

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