The Reality of Boarding Schools!

The Reality of Boarding Schools!


As the children grow up, Parents start worrying about their schooling. The questions that engross your mind are:

Will my ward be safe in that particular school?

Should I opt for a boarding school or a public school?

Is boarding school the right choice for my kid?

Hello parents,

We know there are numerous myths about boarding schools. Nevertheless, myths are just myths they are not reality. So, we suggest following the reality, not a myth. Enquire on your own and get knowledgeable.

This article will aid you in transporting your thoughts from myth to reality.

Myth 1: Parents do not love their kid so they send their ward to boarding school:

This is the most vogues myth about boarding school. Ask yourself, “don’t I love my kid?” Surely the answer is, “Yes I love my kid.” Then why will you believe in this myth?

You are putting your kid to boarding school because you are expecting a better future for your kid. It means you not only love your kid but also respect them. Boarding schools train your kid to be self-dependent, accurate, sincere and disciplined.

Myth 2: Naughty kids are sent to boarding school:

This is also another unrealistic myth about boarding school. Parents those who want their kid to have a better future send them to ICSE boarding school. This statement is false that naughty kids are sent to boarding schools. 

Sometimes parents sent their wards to boarding school to be more disciplined, but that does not mean that the kid is naughty that is why they are sent to boarding school.

Myth3: Rich kids attend boarding school:

Yes, we understand boarding schools are sometimes very costly. However, not all boarding schools are for rich kids. Even the middle-class family kids can attend boarding school these days.

There are boarding schools that are affordable and good. When you send your kids to boarding school, you actually train them to live a practical life.

Myth4: Boarding School is like Hogwarts:

Ok, dear parents please make sure your kids do not have those fairy tale expectations about boarding schools. Sometimes kids are influenced by the Harry Potter movie and think their hostel life would be like staying in Hogwarts.

The reality is completely different. Boarding school is a real place on earth and normal people like us maintain it. Therefore, its rules and regulations are also like real and logical. So, please inform your kids not to expect magic or out earthly things in the hostel.

Myth5: Kids mature faster:

We agree a hostel is a place where kids need to do everything on their own. However, this factor is not at all related to their maturity. Maturity is a biological issue and it crops in when it has to.

 Therefore, no need to think your kid will grow up early and you will miss their childhood.

After Being Transformed:

Now when you know the reality about boarding school, it is time for you to act. Get your kid admitted to the best boarding school and stay tension free.

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