Top Seven Reasons to Go to Boarding School in Siliguri

Top Seven Reasons to Go to Boarding School in Siliguri


It was the time of Bliss, a moment to cherish, a memory to preserve, a thought to weaver.

It’s the story of a boarding school, an educational home that become our family in the long run.

What is a boarding school?

India has rich cultural heritage.  Earlier children were educated in the Gurukuls. Gurukul is the home of the teacher where the students used to stay and gain knowledge about different subjects. There they used to perform some other duties that polished them for a better future.

This Gurukul has been modified according to the present needs and demands with the name “Boarding School”. Boarding School is a place where kids are educated, nurtured, disciplined and prepared for a bright tomorrow.

Therefore, you can consider Boarding School to be a present day Gurukul.

Why should a kid go to Boarding school?

History is the best teacher. While we consider Indian History, we will see that from Arjun( The hero of Mahabharata) to Ram( in Ramayana) everyone was sent to Gurukul for educational purpose. There they were nurtured in such a manner that soon they encrypted their names on the pages of History.

Everything has a place of its own. For a shower we go to Bathroom, to cook we go to kitchen and to get all round education we go to the best Boarding school.

Therefore, a kid must go to a boarding school for proper education and all round development.

In this article, we are talking about the boarding schools in Siliguri. We shall give you top seven reasons for you to opt for the best Boarding schools in Siliguri.

Please Ponder On,

1. Master New Languages:

In a boarding school, you get to meet people and students from different places. They speak different languages. Soon you start learning those languages and grasping the way they speak.

This is one of the best parts of boarding schools.

2. Get Educated with the Best of the world:

The teaching standards of boarding schools are always world class. They bring to you the best method of teaching all around the world. Therefore, considering education at a boarding school is the best decision ever.

3. Enjoy some extra- curricular activities:

Boarding school is the place where you stay 24 hours. The best part of this stay is that you get some extra hours of co-curricular activities. You may be good at dance, singing, sports, drawing, swimming etc.  Enjoy you extra time while practicing your favorite co-curricular activities. 

4. Cherish your time with friends:

While at home, you get to spend limited time with your friends. Whereas in boarding school you stay with your friends. Friends become your extended family. You get a home away from home.

5. Complete use of Libraries:

Another best part about boarding school is the library. You get to avail the library any time you want. Sit there, read your favorite books and learn something new every day. Gain knowledge and get sharp.

6. Grow up responsible:

You do everything on your own. Dress up on your own, arrange on your own, plan on your own and every other thing you just do on your own. This is how you soon grow up to be a responsible man or woman.

7. Compact Class Size:

A boarding school generally does not consider a huge class. It prefers small classes with fewer students. This allows the teachers to concentrate on the students in a proper manner. You get the required attention from your teachers.

The Association of Boarding schools (TABS) told Art and Science Group of Baltimore to conduct a study comparing the boarding schools with private and public schools. Because of that study, it came up that boarding schools are more successful than the public or private schools.


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