Understanding the brain of a teenager and how to help them cope

Understanding the brain of a teenager and how to help them cope


As children become teenagers, their brains also grow and change. In turn, these changes affect their thinking and behavior. When you start understanding the brain of a teenager being a parent then you can easily help your child build a healthy teenage brain.

Building a healthy brain!

Building a healthy brain

The unique combination of your child’s brain and the activities of the environment make your child act, think and feel.


Helping your child to cope!

Helping your child to cope!

Allow your child to spend time by involving them into music, dance sports, and other co-curricular activities to help them develop the brain. As you are an important part of your child so the way you guide and influence them is a big part of a child’s life.

But how will it fully help a child? This can be done…

  • Encouraging positive behaviour
  • Promoting good thinking skills
  • Helping them to get enough sleep

Discussion is needed for you to understand better!


Encouraging positive behaviour:

Encouraging positive behaviour

While the brain development process in on work, your child might try taking more risky tasks, express more emotions and make weird decisions.

Supporting by!

  • Let them take healthy risks
  • Help your child find creative things to control emotions
  • Talk to the child
  • Maintaining a routine
  • Offer positive rewards
  • Be a role model

Promoting good thinking skills:

Promoting good thinking skills

Brain development and growth means that your child will start thinking more logically. In return, they will get a better look in the future and can also solve problems more positively.

Supporting by!

  • Encourage them to talk about their feelings
  • Allow them to think about the long-term consequences
  • Try to match their understanding
  • Encourage them to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills

Helping them to get enough sleep

Helping them to get enough sleep

During their teenage years, a child’s sleeping pattern changes. This makes them feel tired and sleep early. So sleep is very essential for a child to develop a healthy brain to work.

Supporting by!

  • Ensure your child to have a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Encourage them to sleep early away from TVs and mobiles
  • Maintain a regular sleeping routine
  • Encourage them to get enough sleep at night to wake up fresh next morning

Staying connected and involved in your child’s life can help them to cope up with the stress and have a healthy brain. Understanding the brain of a teenager is very important for parents.

 Be calm and keep a friendly relationship with your child!

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