Ways in which debates are generally held at schools

Ways in which debates are generally held at schools


Since the middle of the previous century, debates have been frequent in both private and public schools. Then what does a debate define?

A debate in simple terms is an argument with rules and regulations of the country or it can be on any topic from everyday life.

However, the rules which encompass the debate can differentiate from one competition to another. They usually are carried on one on one basis between two individuals as well as those that are hosted among teams consisting of an equal number of students.

How does a debate help!!

Let us know!

Through debates, preparing and argumentation skills offer students

  • To think critically
  • To develop academic research
  • To improve communication
  • To solve problems creatively
  • To increase self-confidence
  • To obtain better marks

So the foundation of education is a debate!

But how is it beneficial!!

Participating in debates is very beneficial and it helps students in many different ways.


  • It adds a new dimension to studies
  • It engages students in asking questions
  • It provides feedback to the teachers and students
  • It promotes preparation for the students
  • It controls the class proceedings
  • It balances the contribution of the students
  • It develops verbal communication skills
  • It helps in mastering each subject

Let us begin with how debates are held primarily in schools!!

Before that, a brief introduction on debating:

A typical debate is held between two teams that are presented with a topic, which will be the subject of discussion. Also, each team is given some time for preparing. The topics are not disclosed before the time. However, this is done so that no discussion takes place before the allotted time. The primary goal is to encourage students!

  • The preparation:

If you are a student who is about to participate in a debate, then you must read up as much as possible on current affairs and controversial issues and must have some outside knowledge too.

  • Debating process:

The process of conducting a debate is straightforward. In a debate, one team will argue in favour of the topic, whereas the opposition will argue against the topic. Depending on the kind of debate, either the entire team will speak or a spokesperson will speak on behalf of the team.

  • Judging panel:

While debating, it is essential to judge who wins the debate, so, a set of individuals are needed to act as judges. This panel will give points to the teams from the arguments. Gradually as the debate ends, one will be announced as the winner.

The reasons it still exists within modern education!!

In general terms, we know that taking part in a debate is a wonderful experience and can gain a lot from this. Also, understand the concept of the subject and the importance of real teamwork. While debating, being a focused player is very much important. As a strong team means winning half the battle!

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