One of the most important investments a country can make in its future is education. Education is a powerful change that improves health and livelihoods, promotes social stability, and drives long-term economic growth. We at Father LeBlond School, Siliguri believe that education is an important part of a society's growth and progress. As we are among the bestschool in Siliguri we encourage people for the education. People who are well educated can significantly contribute to their society and families in a variety of capacities and fields, resulting in a stable and stimulating society. What role does education play in society? Consider the following benefits.

Benefits Of Education

Improving the Health of the Nation

We believe that Education promotes a healthy lifestyle, making it easier to address issues such as poor health among individuals and entire communities. People who are knowledgeable will know how to ensure their children's proper social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth. Taking health seriously and interpreting information based on the credibility of its sources, combined with school-based knowledge, are the best ways to maintain a nation's health.

A more accepting society

Humanity has come a long way since primitive communities dedicated solely to survival in a harsh and unforgiving environment. People used to be afraid of anything unusual or unfamiliar, as well as strange phenomena. When it comes to human rights, however, new standards have gradually been adopted. According to the UN Declaration of Principles on Tolerance, "education is the most effective means of preventing intolerance." The first step in diversity education is to teach people about their shared rights and liberties so that they can be respected, as well as to foster a desire to protect those of others."

Building Personal skill

Throughout their time in school, students must complete a variety of tasks, conversations, courses, and other things. As a result, students get a fantastic skill set that they may use in the workplace. In addition, extracurricular activities teach students skills in the arts, sports, and other areas that benefit their interpersonal growth. Education challenges the intellect, introduces students to fresh ideas, and motivates them to perform better. Students may discover abilities they had no idea they have as a result.

Increasing social interaction

A better understanding of the industrialised world, as well as a higher standard of living, create new opportunities for people to meet their cultural needs. Going to the theatre, exhibitions, or concerts enriches and delights one's social life. Indeed, life is more than just survival, and education allows for a higher standard of living, greater interpersonal understanding, and personal fulfilment through education, employment, and extracurricular activities.

Creating talents that will change the face of humanity

People who are accomplished and successful can give back to their community. Perhaps the most well-known examples are billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who not only donate billions of dollars to charity, but also invest in the development of technologies and methods that will benefit millions of people in the future (vaccines, environmental issues, food, etc.).

Education is a necessary part of modern society

Human progress and development can be directly attributed to educated people who drove human society forward. Investing in education raises public awareness of major societal issues such as global warming and environmental protection. These issues have a direct impact on people's quality of life, and they cannot be solved without ambitious, creative, and intelligent people willing to change the world with their knowledge.


Education helps you grow as a person because the more knowledge you have, the better understanding you will have of any problem that may arise. It will give you self-satisfaction and boost your self-esteem. Father LeBlond School, the best boarding school in siliguri, is dedicated to empowering students to achieve far more than they believe they are capable of.

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