Why is education a vital component for a successful career?

Why is education a vital component for a successful career?


Education does not necessarily involve book knowledge, learning facts by heart or a one-sided education process. A proper education is something that makes a student capable of resolving various challenges in his life through the knowledge and training he received at the school. It also helps in encouraging them to do things and make them think about what they learn. Through education, the knowledge of the society, person, country, and the world is passed on from generation to generation. It also helps the children and the adults to become active and effective citizens of a country.

Types of education

There are different ways to categorize education but one way is to divide it into formal, informal and non-formal education:

Formal education: This education is only applicable in schools and colleges where a child may learn the basic and academic and trade skills. The small children attend nursery or kindergarten but formal education starts in elementary and secondary schools.

Non-formal education: It is an education which includes adult-based education, adult literacy education or school equivalent education. In this, a person can learn literacy, other basic skills or job skills.

Informal education: This education includes a parent teaching a child how to self-confident and do things on his or her own self. Informal education can also be attained by reading library books or websites.

Why is education important?

Education is a must for every child or adult. It is the foundation that shapes his character and makes him a responsible social being. It helps us in improving our vocabulary, provides knowledge and develops a personality. But there are a few more reasons which will help you to know why education is so important.

1- For a happy and stable life-

It is very necessary to get educated if you want to lead a stable life and enjoy the good things that the world offers. A great job, a good social reputation are the benefits of an educated person. Education is very important to lead a most secure and happy life.

2- Gives you a good career-

Nowadays, an educated person has more chances of getting a highly paid job. It is not easy to have a good life for all. People believe that money is necessary to achieve a happy life so the more educated you are, the more career options you will have.

3- Spreads equality among people-

If we want to see a world where everyone is given equal opportunities, education is what we require. Education is a must if we want to omit the differences between different classes and genders. Education also opens up opportunities for the poor and also helps in women empowerment.

4- Makes you self-dependent-

Education is a very important aspect which helps you to become a self-dependent person. It also helps you in becoming financially independent and makes you wiser to take your own decisions in life.

5- Turns your dreams into reality-

Do you want to become an extremely successful person respected by people? Well, the solution to this is education. However, there are situations where you do not need education but having a degree is must to turn your dreams into reality.

6- Gives you confidence-

Education is important because it gives you the ability to express your views and opinions freely. If you are educated then people will take your views and opinions seriously and it will help you to become more confident.

7- Saves you from being fooled or cheated-

Education saves you from being exploited or cheated. We live in a country where we enjoy certain rights and freedom. It is easy to take advantage of innocent and illiterate people whereas; the educated people are well aware of their right and freedom which will not compel them to get fooled by some other person.

Education is the key to success

Education serves to unite and strengthen our country. Without education, people would not be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Education is important because it helps us develop a unique perspective of looking at life. If there is no education then our society will find at a larger disadvantage. This is the reason why everyone agrees that education is important.

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