School is an important part of a child's life. It is critical for parents to enrol their children in a better school. Some parents choose Day Boarding School in Siliguri for their children, while others consider whether sending their children to a boarding school is a better option. Many parents ask why they should send their kids to boarding school when they can prosper in normal school. It is a common concern among parents. There are several reasons why you should send your child to a boarding school.

Classes are small

If you enrol your child in a public school, chances are he or she will be treated as a number. With 30-40 students in the class, the child must be exceptionally bright to stand out.

Boarding schools, on the other hand, frequently have a balanced student-teacher ratio. The best school in Siliguri, Father Leblond school has a 6:1 student to teacher ratio from grade 1 to grade 12. At Boarding School, teachers can devote more attention to each scholar in a class with a limited number of students.


Self-development is one of the most significant advantages of enrolling your child in a boarding school. Your child will do everything from making their own bed, dressing themselves, and eating by themselves to making their own decisions. The main difference between day school and boarding school is that the latter teaches your child to be self-sufficient and independent while also teaching them valuable life lessons.

Prepared for Success

Scholars are conditioned for success at boarding schools because they are constantly encouraged to reach their full potential. With a constantly productively charged environment, boarding school students have no choice but to engage in fruitful activities. Unlike other students, who may be distracted by a variety of other things at home, many studies have shown that students who attend boarding schools not only excel in school and college, but also advance quickly in their careers. Boarding school scholars are the embodiment of the academic excellence that boarding schools provide. Continuous supervision in all study sessions aids in the development of scholars into successful individuals.

Education that is holistic

As a parent, we are sure you expect more from your child's school than just academics. Boarding schools use a holistic approach to education and strive to provide an education that is tailored to each child's specific needs and abilities. This shift in thinking is necessary since education is more than just tangible and measurable skills. Today, natural, and engaging teaching methods outperform traditional teaching methods.

Cross-Cultural Relationship

Boarding schools educate students from a variety of backgrounds. Because all students live under one roof, they all begin to develop a sense of harmony, regardless of their different religions or cultures. Children do everything without any differences, including sharing food and living space, while establishing a cross-cultural connection. Students at boarding schools form bonds that transcend all boundaries. To live a peaceful life, people must learn to get along with one another.

Day schools are less expensive than residential schools

If you must choose between a day boarding school and a residential school, the former is less expensive. You must pay for food and lodging in residential schools, which is not required in day schools. Your child will receive the same level of care and education as any other student in a residential school.

Day boarding schools are a good option for parents who want their children to have a successful future. Day boarding schools are outfitted with all the necessary security and safety measures, such as 24-hour CCTV surveillance and trained security.

In day schools, children enjoy their academic lives and have the opportunity to grow by learning and interacting in the educational community with friends while being guided by expert teachers, ensuring a stronger foundation for adulthood.

Last words!

If your child's development is your top priority, there are few drawbacks to boarding school. A scholar gains several advantages by maintaining an orderly lifestyle and study schedule at boarding school. Furthermore, they are constantly guided and supervised by experienced personnel. All these advantages lead to the conclusion that boarding schools are superior to day schools.

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